Police arrests a IGNOU Student for Stalking her Teacher

A woman serving as an Assistant Professor at Indira Gandhi Open University(IGNOU) Delhi, recently brought a case involving the same issue into light after suffering for 2 long years. The female professor was stalked by her ex-student to whom she taught for a very short period time only to be later stalked for years. The professor after constantly warning the student finally resorted to filing a complaint with the police against him. The accused student is now in police custody.

Student Turned Stalker in IGNOU

The student accused of stalking the female professor studied Meat Technology under the Diploma programme of IGNOU University, Delhi. The name of the student has been discovered as Sukhwinder Singh. Singh met the female professor while she was visiting the University as an Academic Counselor to conduct sessions at IGNOU’s School of Agriculture in Delhi.¬†After few days of her visit, Singh started sending inappropriate messages to the Professor that had lewd content causing her mental agony.

The accused student did not stop sending same type of emails and messages even after being repeatedly warned by the female Professor. In August 2016, after stalking the female professor for nine months the accused student gave a handwritten assurance to the Director of School of Agriculture for behaving inappropriately and not repeating his wrong conducts again.

When The Things Got Worse

Even after giving an apology letter to the higher authorities of the university, Singh did not step back from what he did in the past but actually, started making things eve worse for the female professor. Singh made a fake Facebook profile in the name of the Professor that had her photos which appeared to be screenshots of the teleconferences that she participated in. He started communicating with her relatives & friends trying to vandalize her image. Singh sent messages to the Professor forcing her to meet him or like he’s going to come to Delhi and take her away with him.

All these messages scared the Professor to such an extent that she had to file a complaint with the Delhi Police. A charge sheet has been filed and the accused is taken into the custody of police. Charges under Section 66C, Section 67 or Section 500 can be imposed on the accused for defaming, causing mental agony, and causing indirect sexual harassment through the internet.

Source: IndiaToday

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