Is Narayana or Sri Chaitanya Best For An IIT? Review of Students

Sri Chaitanya is known as one of the best institutions to crack IIT or any competitive exam. Their study materials for students have been proved quite successful for learning concepts. Narayana’s study material sucks for students. The institute’s study materials have been proven a failure for many students across the country. Now, if we compare the results of the last 3-4 years of both institutions, we can see some major differences between them. For the last 3-4 years, Sri Chaitanya is proving itself better than Nayana in the aspects of results. The past results of Sri Chaitanya are far better than Narayana’a. Sri Chaitanya is churning out top rankers every year. It is giving high-quality engineers to the country every year. So, Sri Chaitanya is far better than Narayana. Its records speak for itself. In this article, we are going to see why Sri Chaitanya is ruling over Narayana. Is Narayana or Sri Chaitanya Best for an IIT? We will see this further in the article.

Sri Chaitanya is far better than Narayana. And there are many reasons for it. Like it’s faculty, teachers, the importance of mental and physical health. Let’s explain this briefly.

Is Narayana or Sri Chaitanya Best for an IIT?

For Student’s Mental and Physical health studying for a competitive exam can be an easy task for some students, but not for all. It can be very stressful for those who can’t handle the pressure. These types of students feel stressed while preparing for the exams, and even after completing the syllabus, they feel stressed. Sri Chaitanya saw that student’s mental health is not good because of the exams. Then, they started taking special care of stressed students. They also conducted mental health counsellors to help students in getting out of their anxiety. This facility makes it far better than Narayana. Let’s talk about Narayana. 

There is no special caring for the students. They are just preparing students for competitive exams, but they are not looking out for their mental health. Narayana’s facility doesn’t even stand in front of Sri Chaitanya.

Sri Chaitanya Coaching also knows about the importance of the physical health of every student. So, they have made a flexible time table for every student. Because of the flexible timetable, students can do any physical activity they want to do. 

But it is not like that in Narayana because they have a strict timetable that is followed by the students. So, we can say that in Narayana they don’t look out for student’s mental health and physical health.

And in Sri Chaitanya, we can see that they are very concerned about student’s mental and physical health. They give importance to studies and also on student’s precious health. They know that a healthy body and a healthy mind are necessary for studying for any competitive exams.

Is Narayana or Sri Chaitanya Best for an IIT – Teachers of Narayana and Sri Chaitanya

When thinking about Narayana or Sri Chaitanya Best for an IIT, let’s first talk about Narayana’s teacher. Their teachers are not well enough for any student preparing for a competitive exam. 

They don’t teach any concept thoroughly. And students face many problems because of this. Teachers are not able to clear the student’s doubts. Students don’t understand any concept briefly. 

Now, let’s talk about Sri Chaitanya. There are the teachers who are experts in their subjects, they teach every concept briefly from advance to basic. They also give freedom to every student to ask any questions related to their study. Their teachers know that when every method is taught clearly, students would be able to understand every topic easily.

Is Narayana Or Sri Chaitanya Best For An Iit – Faculty Of These Both Institutions. 

The faculty of any institution plays a big role in the success of the institution. And Sri Chaitanya’s faculty review is the main reason for the success of it. The faculty of Sri Chaitanya also makes it better than others. They provide many facilities to the students. Like they conduct tests every week to check that every student can understand the concepts or not. They also conduct a weekly debate and it increases the critical thinking of students. It also helps students in practicing “How to think”.

Now let’s talk about the Narayana. In this institute, they don’t conduct any type of test for students. It is one of the disadvantages. For the students. Because students are not able to practice what they have studied. Teachers are not clearing doubts, not teaching briefly, and then not even taking regular tests of students. These are the worst things that a teacher can do to a student.

So now, we have seen that Is Narayana Or Sri Chaitanya Best For An IIT? I hope that now you know which one is better between these institutions.


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