Major Lazer Collaborates with Indian Rapper Badshah for Tuborg Open’s ‘I Wanna Be Free’

Indian Rapper Badshah is having the time of his life with a new song in every third Bollywood movie and now a new collaboration with Major Lazer ‘I Wanna Be Free’ for Tuborg Open’s India track. Tuborg has been making country-specific tunes in collaboration with Major Lazer and their new track with Badshah is along the lines of the same strategy. ‘I Wanna Be Free’ is one of the most enthralling tracks we’ve heard in a while.

“I Wanna Be Here’ by Badshah rides on the immensely catchy beat by Major Lazer

Major Lazer are one of the best producers we have in the world right now and their new Tuborg India track ‘I Wanna Be Free’ is a testament to that statement. The latest Badshah collaborator Diplo who happens to be the one third of Major Lazer was in the top 100 list of DJMAG with three spots – the other two being his solo act and a collaboration with Skrillex called Jack U.

This is Diplo’s second Indian outing the previous being Shah Rukh Khan’s Phurr from Jab Harry Met Sejal. Tuborg chose the minds behind the immensely popular track Leon On to make region-specific and they have done a pretty good job with Badshah’s ‘I Wanna Be Free’. Indian Rapper Badshah’s rhyme may not be perfect but what it does well is that it never overwhelms the beat by Major Lazer. The strongest part of the Tuborg Open Song is the music and it is as good as any other international Major Lazer song if not better.

Major Lazer’s I Wanna Be Free featuring Badshah comes along with an equally interesting video

The Tuborg Open Song I Wanna Be Free by Major Lazer and Badshah comes along with an equally amazing video directed by Robby Singh. While most of the scenes are shot in the recording studio itself, there is another simultaneous plot with a few dancers and they light up each frame they are in. I Wanna Be Free by Major Lazer and Badshah can be downloaded on most major streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Saavn and Wynk.

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