Top 5 Markets in Chandigarh to Buy Budget Woollens in Winters

Its winters & you must be roaming to shop for some winter wears (woolen clothes) in Chandigarh. As People in Chandigarh are always particular about fashion and clothing, with the arrival of winters in the city, it’s time to buy some cozy woollens. There are a thousand branded showrooms in Chandigarh where you can get branded woolens. And for most of them, you can find an outlet at Elante Mall, Chandigarh.

A lot of International brands have all their latest winter collection all decked up but for the Chandigarhians who like to buy woollens with a money check still not compromising on fashion, here is a list of 5 places you can check out in Chandigarh.

Best Shopping Places in Chandigarh to buy Woollen / Winter clothes

Shop for the best & budgeted woolen clothes in Chandigarh from these markets-

Sector-22, Shastri Market

Sector 22 is one of the oldest markets in Chandigarh. This sector has the most famous Shastri Market Of Chandigarh. Just nearby Kiran Cinema, you see a huge buzz of small shops where you see a huge variety of trendy sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies and much more have been decked with winter wear.

This market has an amazing range of woolens at most affordable prices in the city which are just hanging around displayed to please your eyes. The place has the up to date fashion and trendy winter wears which are very light in your pocket too. Bargaining is a good skill at this place in Chandigarh to buy the best woolens for winters.

Sector-17 Market:

Another market to buy fashionable & best winter wears in Chandigarh is Sector 17. Just when you enter the plaza in Sector-17 Chandigarh from the main parking and walk towards the famous musical fountain, on the right-hand side, you see colourful woollens calling out to you. Sector-17 which is already famous for being the heart of Chandigarh, you can get very budgeted, cozy and high quality, fashionable winter wears from here as well.

Tibetan Market:

This is a special market in Chandigarh which is set up only in winters. People come from Tibet especially to display woolens and are in Chandigarh only for three months. This market has been put up at 3 different locations of Chandigarh i.e. Sector-17, Phase-7 Mohali & Manimajra (near housing board chowk). Tibetan market is a famous place to shop for some cozy and trendy woolens of the Tibetan style. And good news for all the people of Chandigarh who like to bargain can try here. But woollens here are so amazing, minimally priced and traditional that you won’t mind if you don’t get any discounts even.

Sector-15, Patel Market:

Sector-15 is the most famous hub for students in Chandigarh. Anyone who visits sector-15, Chandigarh will be able to see the group of small stall like shops with a huge buzz of people. Sector 15 market of  Chandigarh has been called Patel market. You can get the latest fashionable winter woollens here at very cheap rates. Further again people who like bargaining can test their skills here for great discounts.

Sector-19 Market:

Sector-19 has the most famous bazaar of Chandigarh by the name of ‘Palika Bazaar’. Its most famous thing is a huge variety of most fashionable, trendy clothes with a great variety, especially in winter season. They are very reasonable in terms of money too. It is like a favourite place for people who like to shop woolens in Chandigarh at a very affordable price. Again bargaining skills are always helpful and this market in Sector-19 is no exception to this.

Make yourself Cozy with fashionable & trendy winter clothing by getting shopped from any of these budgeted markets in the city beautiful Chandigarh.


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