Mohali: 23 Transgenders to Cast Vote This Year for the First Time Ever

Mohali: Parliamentary elections are on its way and transgender are all set to cast their vote in Mohali for the first time. For the first time ever, transgenders have been allowed to cast their vote for the parliamentary elections. Last year only, transgenders won the case and they were recognised as the third gender in India as well.

With the implementation of section 377 verdict, trangenders got numerous powers for which they were struggling from many years. Now with the new start, they have been all set to enjoy living a democratic life by casting their vote during the parliamentary elections 2019 in Mohali.

23 Transgenders all set to cast vote in Mohali for the first time

For the very first time in Mohali, Transgender will cast their votes in regards to the parliamentary elections. As per reports, a total of 23 transgenders registered themselves as voters in Mohali. Now for the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, atleast 23 transgender’s voters from Mohali will cast their votes to choose the new ruling party in India. Even the head of the transgender community has been stating that almost all the transgender have their voter ID cards in Chandigarh. On the other hand, only 23 transgenders from Mohali have registered themselves to cast votes for the parliamentary elections 2019.

According to the last year’s election, none of the transgender cast their respective vote in Mohali. But this year, things have changed alot and 23 transgenders from Mohali came forward and registered them as voters.

Check out the total number of voters and distribution in Mohali

Not only the transgender category, but their has also been a new category for the disabled person. Mohali has a total of 2543 registered disabled voters and they have also been on the priority list for special treatment during the election in Mohali.

There have been a total of 6,89,823 registered voters in the Mohali districts till 31 January 2019. Out of these 6,89,823 voters, 3,63,450 are male voters and rest 3,26.450 are female voters. As per the election commission report, a total of 10,541 new voters have been registered for the year 2019 in Mohali district. Although in the upcoming years. Election Commission has been focusing to register more youth for the same from Mohali.


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