NCERT Books Shortage | Other State Publishers To Publish Books For Uttarakhand

Adjoining states of Uttarakhand will publish NCERT books for the state. Know major reasons why

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an organisation whose prescribed curriculum is followed by the CBSE schools across the country. Currently, NCERT is indulging in a lot of changes in its curriculum which is applicable to the different subjects being taught to the classes from 6th to 12th.

Apart from that, the Uttarakhand School Education is facing an acute shortage for as many as 25 lakh books which have been prescribed by the NCERT for both the government as well as the private schools which have been affiliated to the CBSE Board. As a solution, the Uttarakhand Board is likely to seek the help of the adjoining states in order to get the required chunk of the books published.

Other NCERT State Publishers To Publish Books For U’Khand

A total number of 90 lakh NCERT Books are to be provided by the Uttarakhand School Education Department for the students but the state government is unable to do so. Out of the total, as many as 65 lakh National Council of Educational Research and Training Books have been provided. 25 lakh NCERT Books are still not available for the students and in order to cope up with this shortage of books, the Uttarakhand School Education Department is likely to approach its adjoining state publishers of NCERT to publish the books and thus meet the requirement.

The NCERT publishers of Uttarakhand’s adjoining states like Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh as well as Punjab will be approached so as to publish the books and make them available for the students. It has been reported by the officials that no publisher is heading in order to publish the books for the allied subjects which include home science and arts and therefore, the authorised NCERT publishers are being approached for the same.

NCERT Allied Subjects Books Unavailable 

The shortage of books is not for a single subject but all. Whereas, as of now the books of the major subjects like English, mathematics and others are already available but for the other subjects like agriculture, Sanskrit, arts etc. are still not available.

The schools in the state will be reopened after the summer vacations on July 2 and the main agenda is to make all the books available to them by National Council of Educational Research and Training.


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