5 Best Features of Oneplus 5T That Launches in India Tomorrow | Check Price & Details

Oneplus 5T was revealed in Brooklyn by the company on the 16th of November and it is slated for a November 21 launch in India. The successor of the Oneplus 5 intends to take on the like of Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG V30 in the Indian smart phone market. Oneplus has updated their flagship product in just a matter of five months and that shows how commited they are to cater to the needs of the customer with the Oneplus 5T.

Oneplus 5 was a huge hit among the typical Oneplus fan base but Oneplus 5T brings a few things new to the catalogue. Lets’s have a look at the five biggest features of the Oneplus 5T.

The Screen of the Oneplus 5T embraces the 2017 trend:

It is 2017 and any new phone from a major manufacturer now comes with a larger 18:9 screen like the Samsung Galaxy S8. The bezel-less trend was started by the Xiaomi Mi Mix in China and rapidly made way to the global market. The Oneplus 5T screen is not exactly bezel-less though. The screen is a huge 6-inch AMOLED display with a fullHD resolution and comes with minimised bezels on the top and bottom. The dimensions of the Oneplus 5T remain the same as its predecessor though and the fingerprint sensor has moved to the back like the LG V30.

Face-ID unlock:

Since the fingerprint sensor of the Oneplus 5T has moved to the back, they wanted to spoil their customers with a more convenient way to unlock their phones. The Face-ID technology works via the front camera and you have to press the power button and look towards your phone. The Face-ID of the Oneplus 5T is blazing fast and at least 10 times quicker than the Apple iPhone X. This can be both a good and bad thing though. The initial reviews tell us that it is irritating to see your phone getting unlocked when you just want to have a look at the notifications by pressing the power button of the Oneplus 5T.

The dual Camera set-up is the most unique in Oneplus 5T.

The dual camera set up made its debut in LG phones a couple of years ago and now is the standard feature in 2017. The dual camera set up of the Oneplus 5T though is the most unique one we have seen in a while. There are two 20MP and 16MP lenses at the rear and one of them is exclusively used for low light photos. The software optimisation on the Oneplus 5T combines four pixels into one and limits the noise coming into the camera. EIS is available both on the front and secondary camera.

Splash Proof:

Oneplus has never officially mentioned that either of their phones Oneplus 5 or the Oneplus 5T have water resistance but if a whole lot of credible videos on the web are to be believed it holds up pretty well against water. This means that the build quality of the Oneplus 5 and 5T is way better than one can expect.

Oneplus 5T still retains most of the features from the previous iterations.

It is quite embarrassing when we have to tell that a 2017 phone does not have a headphone jack but Oneplus 5T remains one of the most user friendly phones out there. Not only the headphone jack is retained but also the alert slider that is Oneplus trademark has not been removed. It is assuring to know that a company like the Oneplus listens to the customer’s feedback.

Oneplus will be available on the 21st of November in India for exactly the same price as of Oneplus 5 at 32,999 Indian Rupees for the 6GB/64GB variant.

Source: MKBHD

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