Oracle Certifications – How To Begin A Promising Career In Oracle Cloud ERP

Oracle is usually the first name that comes to your mind while thinking of an enterprise database. No other database has won the industry’s trust like Oracle. 

Oracle was the first commercially available database to use SQL (Structured Query Language) back in 1979. By the year 1987 Oracle became the largest database management company in the world. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform is the stronghold of the company lately. In the year 2012, the company launched its cloud suite with Oracle ERP Cloud being a part of it. With numerous implementations across the globe, Oracle already had very deep roots in the financial sector. Oracle Financial cloud made its place in the industry very quickly. Oracle ERP customers greeted it with open hands. With an already trusted platform for database and financial solutions and the new inclusion of the growing cloud technology, Oracle Financial Cloud is one of the hottest careers in the ERP sector. Implementation of a platform always comes with the requirement of the professionals for the same. Oracle Database and Financial solutions already being popular certifications and are trusted by the industry. With the introduction of the cloud, the certification portfolio of Oracle has grown a lot. If you are looking for a career in Oracle ERP cloud, getting certified is a great way, to begin with. It’s a promising career and offers greater employability prospects. Choosing the right certification to validate your skills in the area of your specialization is easy with multiple certifications available. 

You need to identify the certification you want and then you can choose the right training partner for the same. is one such name which is associated with reliable preparation for Oracle certifications. Choosing CertsOut is your best bet for a great start.

 We will be discussing Oracle ERP cloud certification in general and Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud certification being our primary focus. 

Oracle Financials Cloud Certification Paths

Oracle Financial Cloud Certifications are divided into 5 specialities with one Specialist certification in each category. 

  • Accounting Hub Cloud
      • Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist
  • General Ledger Cloud
      • Oracle Financials Cloud: General Ledger 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Payables Cloud
      • Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Receivables and Collections Cloud
      • Oracle Financials Cloud: Receivables 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Revenue Management Cloud
    • Oracle Revenue Management Cloud Service 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist


In the following section we will be discussing the following certification:

 Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist

It is a specialist level certification thus require a background with the Oracle ERP and the cloud environment to be able to understand the course content. 

An Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud Service 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist demonstrates expertise in implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Financials Cloud solutions in Accounting Hub Cloud Services. Individuals who earn this certification can analyze transaction type life cycle, analyze accounting/reporting/audit/reconciliation requirements for accounting transactions, model considerations, configure Accounting Rules, Register Source System and PaaS (ICS) integration, update the Registered Source System, perform automation with web services, adjusting journal entries, and perform diagnostics. Up-to-date training and field experience are recommended.

Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification Pathway

To earn the certification Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist the candidate is required to pass the following exam;

Exam Format For the 1Z0-1060-20 Exam

  • It is a multiple-choice exam
  • Its duration is 85 minutes
  • Total number of questions is 55
  • Passing score is 64%

Exam Coverage

Following is the list of topics which are covered in the exam: 1Z0-1060-20

Transaction type life cycle

  • Analyze and identify transaction type life cycle: transaction type life cycle from the beginning to closing.  For example, booking reservation, confirm, pay, cancel.

Accounting, reporting, audit, and reconciliation requirements

  • Analyze accounting, reporting, audit, and reconciliation requirements for accounting transactions:  journal entries, accounts
  • Analyze accounting, reporting, audit, and reconciliation requirements for reporting transactions:  journal and line descriptions, reporting attributes
  • Analyze accounting, reporting, audit, and reconciliation requirements for reconciliation transactions:  reconciliation reference attribute

Modeling considerations

  • Analyze other modeling considerations: transaction type, consolidated vs separated subledger view, pass through, rule-based, primary ledger only, primary plus secondary ledger, legal entities

Accounting rule configuration

  • Analyze the accounting rule configuration:  Journal entries, accounting method, chart of accounts, accounts derivation, intercompany

Register Source System and PaaS (ICS) integration

  • Register Source System and PaaS (ICS) integration (to include “Transaction Information” and “Line Information” worksheets, and Transaction Objects)

Update Registered Source System

  • Update Registered Source System:  accounting attribute assignments, sources, event types

Configure accounting rules and edits on ledger and chart of accounts

  • Configure accounting rules and edits on ledger and chart of accounts:
    • · Accounting method
    • · Journal entry rule set
    • · Journal line rule
    • · Account rule
    • · Mapping set
    • · Description rule
    • · Supporting references
    • · User-defined formula
    • · Others:  intercompany journal lines, gain and loss journal lines, multiperiod journal entries, accrual reversal

Transaction data and automation with web service

  • Upload transaction data, correct when there are errors, and perform automation with web service

Reporting and Audit

  • Perform Reporting and Audits: create custom OTBI report, create custom BIP report, security, period close readiness and closing exception reporting and dashboard; FRC (GL’s reporting center: Studio and Smart View); and security (Security includes GL and Accounting Hub securities)

Adjust Journal Entries

  • Adjust journal entries: override, create manual adjustment entries


  • Perform diagnostics (Subledger Accounting Diagnostic – diagnose how sub-ledger sources and attributes are used in the create accounting process)

Functional Setup Manager

  • Explain Functional Setup Manager Offerings, Functional Area and Features, Manage Setup Data, and Export and Import Setup Data


  • Explain Users and Role-Based Access Control
  • Describe the Security Console

Preparation for the exam 1Z0-1060-20

Preparing for the 1Z0-1060-20 requires specialized training which includes PDF Study Guides, Braindumps, Practice Question and Answers, and Testing Engines. CertsOut is a reliable training partner which offers sure success with a money-back guarantee. CertsOut offers a unique PDF Package for the exam 1Z0-1060-20. You need to give it a try. 


Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist is one great specialized certification that makes you ahead of the completion in Oracle ERP Cloud platform. Successfully passing the Exam 1Z0-1060-20 can earn you this certification.


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