5 Posh Areas of Mohali That Are Admired by Everyone

Mohali, one of the city in the tricity area of Chandigarh takes pride in following the footsteps of City beautiful and actually has posh areas to boast about. The areas in Mohali are divided into phases and sectors. This causes a bit of confusion for some while prooves to be easy for others.

Just like Chandigarh, Mohali too has a luxury lifestyle and the city has got some posh areas. Read on!

Phase 3B2

This phase is one of the top posh areas of Mohali for the magnificent houses it has. Huge bungalows, lush green lawns and separate parking area owned by each individual in his residence. One gets a visual treat to his eyes by merely glancing at those fancy houses owned by builders, VIP’s and rich class of the city.

Phase 5

It is said that, if you never had faluda ice cream on a scorching sunny day at the commercial area of this phase, there is no point that you spend your time in Mohali. Ranging from possessing roadside Khalsa Dhaba to sophisticated Amrit Bakery both owned by the same person, this posh area in Mohali deserves a mention at least if not a visit.

Phase 7

Popularly known as “satrah sector of mohali“,¬†this posh sector of Mohali blindly follows Sector 17 of Chandigarh. Having biggest commercial area allotted in the entire city to hosting a large number of leading clothing and shoe brands, Mohali residents thrash this place for a shopping spree. What to say about the parking lots of this posh area in mohali, they are much more spacious than the market, hence one doesn’t mind shelling those extra bucks out to save oneself from the hassles of finding the car parked safe.

Phase 10

If you live in this posh area of Mohali – Phase 10, then apologies but one is taking you granted for being either super rich or one belonging to that of a business class family. Alliance of one’s status symbol to a locality is a trendsetter fact that this posh area of Mohali has done. Right from owning huge houses to classy cars, this posh area of Mohali deserves a visit.

Sector 68

Whaling away the odds of being called as a phase, this area of Mohali is posh as it is recently developed and well planned by Punjab Urban Developmental Association. Housing all high-class government officials of this association to its close proximity to the airport road, do not hesitate to enter the area for a treat to your eyes en-route airport. The famous Drum-shaped forest complex and its vicinity to education city hosting ISB and IISER, this posh area in Mohali has both residential and commercial significance.

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