Prediction Markets in a World Hostile to Gambling

Prediction markets are a particular form of gambling that predicts the outcome of an event in the real world. In this context, all prediction market is gambling, but all gambling is not predicting the market. Gambling in the casino, playing poker, roulette, or slot does not predict the outcome of the real world. In the prediction market, all sum of bet money is put in a pool. If you bet a certain amount on the outcome, and if it comes true, then you will get a sum known as parimutuel betting. There is a key difference between the traditional gambling and prediction market. The aim of the first is pure entertainment, but the latter deals with information discovery.

Two contradictory facts

There are two contradictory facts centered on daily fantasy sports like sbobet88. One gambling data is a precious piece of information, and second is Americans love to hate gambling than loving it. These facts exemplify why the prediction market is booming and paving a path towards improving human understanding on various topics. Draft king and Fan Duel are a pioneer in the daily fantasy sports market. You must have heard of them, as they ardently advertise over the internet, public transport, on every wall on the street.

On these sites, one can bet on in an individual sports person`s performance or in the team`s feat. The person who made the most accurate prediction wins the pool money. In general, term, sports betting is prohibited, but due to a loophole in the law, twisted in 2006 daily fantasy continue their venture. Charge is, the employees of these two companies are using internal confidential data for personal gains.

These allegations are a deterrent to the increasing craving for gambling. The perception is undue advantages are taken by the employees of these two companies. They are leveraging inside information for personal gains, which goes against business ethics. When the concerns turn to bizarre movement, the case is filed in the court of law, the probing committee is formed, and ultimately, laws are changed.

The intelligence which emerges from gamblers has value. Crowds start predicting how a player or team will perform in the next session. This census is used in another way to bet on a player’s performance. Does the question arise how the forecasting information shaped by gamblers can be used when society is intolerable to gambling?

Summing up

If gambling becomes transparent and regularized like the financial market, it will be more accepted and absorbed by people. The concerned authority has a tendency to be highly old-fashioned about types of gambling to be allowed in the public domain. They tend to ignore the information value the market produces. Prediction markets using cryptocurrencies such as Truthcoin and Angur will continue thriving without legality. Prediction market using real money, working within the legal framework, will act as efficiently and smoothly as another financial market.

This path seems to hold more promise and development scope since it handles many aspects like financial, regulatory, legal, and psychological. A crude form of prediction market existed in the form of political betting, evidence of such event is found in 1503.


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