Punjab Govt. Bans Teachers in Punjab To Wear Jeans, Tops & Fancy Suits

The Punjab’s Director General School Education (DGSE) in order to discourage the Punjab Government School teachers to wear provocative clothes issued guidelines to the school teachers especially female for wearing decent clothes on duty in Punjab. The DGSE has made a “no jean rule” that is exclusive to female teachers and will not apply to male teachers.

Apparently, the Punjab Govt. School female teachers come to school wearing glittery, fashionable clothes on a consistent basis and this has made the school student’s parents angry. And the Govt. schools have been receiving complaints regarding this issue largely.

Punjab Govt. Schools- Teacher’s “Decent” Dress Code

After receiving a lot of complaints regarding the indecent dressing of the female teachers during duty, the Punjab DGSE has issued formal orders to maintain a proper “Dress Code” for the teachers. No male staff is bound under this rule. And “the dress code rule would come into effect immediately,” said the Director-General of School Education.

The female staff will not be allowed from now onwards to wear:

  • Fancy suits
  • Jeans
  • Glittery tops
  • Revealing clothes
  • Tight clothing that looks inappropriate

The Punjab District Education Officers will be keeping a stern eye on the female school staff and conduct inspections to ensure that the are following the “dress code”. The teachers are now supposed to wear culturally appropriate clothes like decent “Suits and Saris”.

Punjab Government’s Officials Suspended

Since the issuing of the orders by the Education Department many Punjab Govt. Schools of Punjab are trying to abide by the “Dress Code” rule. But the Punjab’s Education Minister does not look in the favour of following the rules that have not been approved by the senior officials of Punjab Education Board.

On Tuesday, Aruna Chaudhary, Punjab’s Education Minister, suspended two officials named Amrish Shukla and Amarbir Singh who are serving as the Deputy Assistant and Assistant Director respectively of Secondary Education.

The Assistant Director, Amarbir Singh signed the copy of the letter issuing orders and contained very informal language for the female teachers. The use of inappropriate language in the official letter made the Education Minister really angry and she told that any act of degrading the dignity of the female workers done behind the shadow of “Dress Code” rule will not be tolerated.

Source- IndianExpress

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