Punjab | Private Schools Can’t Increase Fee by More Than 8% Annually – Cabinet

The government of Punjab has become the recent state to put a ceiling on the rising fees of the Private Sector Schools uniting with other various states that have already taken step towards that direction.

Punjab government has rationalized the fee structure of private schools by getting a yes from the Punjab State Regulation of Fee of Unaided Educational Institutions Rules, 2017.

Under The New Rules

The recent drastic hike in the fee structures of the private schools created an unease in the parents of the school children. The Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has received a lot of complaints from the parents in the past few days. Therefore, the CM took immediate steps to curb the fee hikes. According to the rules:

  • A cap of 8% has been put up on the annual fee hike
  •  Other Funds would be covered in the same fee structure

The media adviser of Chief Minister Raveen Thukral said ” the government took the call as it got it”. “The decision taken up by the government will certainly benefit the students and their families.”

The rules will come in effect promptly without any further delay.

Punjab and Other States

The private schools of many prominent states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi hiked their fees excessively in the past few months. The private schools have justified the fee hike by bringing in the issue of quality education and showing the gap of standards between private and the government schools to the government and the parents of the students.

The amount of fees that is being charged by the private schools goes upto Rs 15 lakhs per annum and is compared to the fee structure of a premier engineering or medical school.

The state of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi are yet trying to set a limit to the unexamined rise of fees. But on the other hand, Gujarat has already taken measures to curb the fee hike and has passed a bill against it and has set an epitome for the other states. It has set the fees of the primary schools at Rs 15,000, for the secondary schools Rs 25,000 and Rs 27,000 for the High-secondary ones. Moreover, if the schools that are still not refraining from charging high amount of fees will have to see the fee regulatory committee.

The political parties like the Aam Aadmi Party are also not in the favor of fee hikes and have rejected the requests of many private schools for the same earlier.

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