Hard Kaur is the First Punjabi Women Centric Movie & Here’s The Trailer

It is 2017 already and all that Punjabi music industry has ever successfully done is comedy. Well, things are about to change as the trailer for latest Punjabi movie Hard Kaur has dropped and it is slated for a release on 15th December 2017. The film is written and directed by Ajit R. Rajpal who has been directing Bollywood movies before. The latest Punjabi movie Hard Kaur revolves around the life of a woman played by Deana Uppal who is falsely accused of murdering someone.

Latest Punjabi Movie Hard Kaur raises the issue of Women Safety Like Bollywood movie Pink.

The latest upcoming Punjabi movie Hard Kaur revolves around a woman falsely accused and will be majorly a court room drama. Writer-Director Ajit R. Rajpal has successfully helmed the director’s cap before in the Bollywood movie Nasha that starred Poonam Pandey. His latest Punjabi movie Hard Kaur stars Miss India UK of 2002 Deana Uppal. Deana has been a household name since her appearance in the reality shows like Fear Factor and Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Latest Punjabi Movie Hard Kaur also stars Drishti Grewal who plays the lawyer who handles the case of the main character. Like Pink the much needed latest Punjabi movie Hard Kaur will raise the issue of women safety in India and how easily we try to justify the actions when something objectionable happens to her. We try to blame the women victim herself by questioning her morals and that is something the upcoming movie intends to highlight.

Punjabi Movie Hard Kaur is a much-needed film that every family needs to see.

WE are glad that Punjabi movie makers are moving away from the tried and tested genre of comedy and exploring other things as well. A film like upcoming movie Hard Kaur is something that every family in Punjab needs to see so that we can educate the men in the society rather than holding the women accountable for what happens to her. The issue of women safety in India is much talked about already but what it lacks is the change that the society needs to bring. Punjabi Movie Hard Kaur intends to raise important issues for the women before all men go on a rampage on twitter and trend “Not all Men”. Watch the official trailer below:

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