Rich Manley – Live Your Life by a Compass Not a Clock

It is a really very obvious saying that adventure is a worthwhile experience in itself. And if you are aware of Rich Manley, then you must be knowing that he resembles a very multi-talented personality, and let me tell you that, he is also an enthusiastic traveler who loves to have opportunities to explore new places.

So, another destination attained by Rich is the highest point in the Andes, known as Peru. Where he got a chance to meet the Quechua peoples who used to live at the high altitude. And earlier, in the Amazon rain forest, when he got the chance to meet the indigenous tribe and community where he performed the magic for them. The locals from their appreciated his haring of his passion a lot, and in return, they shared their traditional activity reserved for the community.

Well, for a common man, an island with a local prison may sound strange, but not to the Rich, as he explodes Mafushi island in the Maldives. So, the Mafushi island basically is an island with a local prison where Rich spend quality time. And let me tell you that, he learned spearfishing from their local citizens and also he learned how to search out the octopus in this visit. He has a never-ending love for adventure and acquiring knowledge. And in continuation of his journey, he reached Namibia, in search of the indigenous Himba people. And in the Swakopmund, Namibia, he learned a lot about the democratic relocation programme, which assists the poor families and unprivileged children.

Rich Manley- Passionate Explorer of action/ adventure and thoughtful about assisting indigenous communities

So, Rich Manley is a well-known personality and also a famous magician, he is also an adventure as well as martial arts lover who is having many awards and also voyager. He is the kind of person who always thrives for the best. He was born on 16th of June, 1986, in Massachusetts. Well, when he was just 10 years old, he got himself involved and absorbed in magic.

His granddad showed him his first magic trick, and that is the reason his grandfather plays a really very important role in this.

Rich was having the right knowledge, talents, and skills due to which he used to perform at events, bars, TV programmes, and also for the family during his early high school years. Just like his eagerness for martial arts, his passion for magic was also very powerful. He was so passionate that he never stopped making efforts in improving his skills and making new effects.

Rich has also performed for corporate functions, celebrities in his early twenties and has also traveled the world to showcase his talent. And after this, he got tremendous fame when he appeared on the TV show as the ‘Masters of Illusions’ and ‘Don’t Blink’. And after that, he had a whole journey to Hollywood as well. His abilities of magic in the industry gave him fame and due to this, he was invited to perform at the magic castle in Hollywood.


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