Is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Worth the Extra Money Over Samsung Galaxy S8?

Samsung Galaxy series of smart phones are the best Androids one can buy in the market and the company knows that really well. This is the reason it has not one but two flagship series of smart phones in its portfolio. The 2017 versions of the company’s flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are both selling like hot cakes and are ringing the cash register for the Koran giant. What we are trying to help you figure out today is that if you were in the market to buy the best Android phone what should you choose – the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the Samsung Galaxy S8?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an S8 with an additional few things.

First things first, let’s discuss what the two phones actually have in common. Both these phones have gotten equal love from Samsung and offer the same design and build quality. The edge to edge bezel-less display design is the same in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. They have the same powerful processor that is sourced from Qualcomm – The Snapdragon 835. Where the biggest difference lies is the size. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a bigger 6.3-inch as opposed to the Samsung Galaxy S8’s 5.8-inch quad HD panel.

The Note 8 comes with a dual 12MP camera which is a first for a Samsung flagship. The extra lens is a telephoto zoom lens and the interesting thing is both the lenses are Optically Stabilized unlike most phones from other manufacturers. The most important advantage the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has over the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the S-Pen. If you are a business user and use your phone for a lot of doodles or notes then the Note 8 is the phone for you.

Is the Note 8 worth the extra money than the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Well with little but very user targeted differences the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 retails for 67,900 Rupees in India which is a whopping 14,000 more than Samsung Galaxy S8’s 53,000 price mark. Sure the Note 8 is bigger and includes an S-Pen but the Samsung Galaxy S8 is already huge and difficult to hold with one hand. The camera is equally good and never disappoints. It all boils down to if you want the extra productivity of the S-Pen or not and in all fairness the extra 14,000 is not justified for this nifty little feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 over the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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