Snowfall in Shimla Leads to Coldest March in 3 Decades

Winters are back with the boost as Shimla is covered with snow in the month of March. Himachal Pradesh capital city Shimla has all covered with white snow and has witnessed the lowest temperature of the city in 3 decades. It has been continuous snowfall from 72 hours in Shimla that has made mercury fall in the city. Not only Shimla but the other cities of HP like Manali, Keylong, Kufri, Chamba and Sundernagar are also filled with snow. Almost whole of the Himachal is getting through the cold days in March.

The Situation in Shimla

Hilly regions are all covered white and are facing falling temperature since last few days. The Beautiful hill station of India, Shimla has recorded the minimum temperature of March month in last few decades.

  • Minimum temperature recorded in Shimla in last 24 hours was -0.9 degree celsius.
  • Whereas on Saturday, the minimum temperature recorded of Shimla was -0.2 degree celsius.
  • In last 3 days, Shimla has recorded around 17 cm of snowfall.
  • Some roads are closed due to heavy snowfall.
  • In last 24 hours, Shimla has recorded 7 cm of snowfall.

Along with Shimla, Manali has also seen a downfall in temperature and has recorded -3.8 degree celsius. Whereas Kufri has experienced 20 cm of snowfall in last 3 days.

The impact in Chandigarh

Although its Himachal that has been drenched in rain and snow, but the city beautiful Chandigarh is also facing the impact of it. Last week, Chandigarh was drenched in rainfall that has lower the temperature in the city. It has been recorded that there has a dip of 5-degree celsius in the day temperature of the city. Slowly summers were likely to enter the city, but this sudden chance in the atmosphere has really been a surprise.

All those who have kept their winters wears aside, once again started covering themselves with it. As the winters have yet not gone. The snowfall in Shimla will hardly affect the city and the temperature will likely to fall much as of now.

Take care of yourself Chandigarh walo, kyunki thand abhi baki hai.

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