Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Tools that You Need to Try in 2020

The real estate market in the US is extremely cutthroat – there are almost 2 million agents as per records. It is natural for a real estate professional to try and stand out of the crowd.

Real estate marketing is an element of the real estate business that can be used effectively to provide a competitive edge to realtors.

Did you know that almost 73% of the agent’s market in the US use Facebook to market their services and reach out to customers? The use of right marketing tools can differentiate your business effectively from your competition, helping you get motivated leads, and converting them into a business.

Tools for making the best website:

There is no doubt that your online presence or your website is one of the biggest and the strongest tools in your hands. Websites help increase visibility and give you the opportunity to tell your story to your market – to brand your real estate business.

  • LeadPages

LeadPages helps create an impressive and interactive site for your business fast and cost-effectively. Design landing pages, advertise properties, have a page for listings, open houses, and more.

  • Squarespace

This tool allows you to showcase your real estate portfolio with ease. With easy-to-use templates, you can take advantage of top-notch designs of templates from some of the best designers in the industry.

Promotional tools:

Vocal Video is a software platform for creating authentic, compelling video testimonials and reviews without any video editing experience.   Brands, like Google, Chevrolet, and HPE, use it to collect and publish customer, employee, and influencer stories for use on their website, social media, and marketing communications.  Vocal Video is the only all-in-one platform for collecting, editing, hosting, and sharing social proof videos

  • Promo

This is another video-making tool that helps agents to create awesome videos fast. Use texts, logos, ad copies and previous collections of videos to convert into a promotional video.

  • Venngage

This is a unique tool that helps you create Infographics fast. The tool offers ready-to-use templates with some of them created especially for the real estate industry. Since visual content is also very important and crucial these days, this tool will help you present data and statistics to your potential buyers with ease.

  • InVideo

This is a professional platform that offers promo video templates in a cloud-based environment. Using this platform, anyone and everyone can create videos from any given content. You can make different types of professional videos in minutes with background music, in multiple languages and without any technical knowledge. Use the free version to try the tool. There is a free trial version if you wish to buy the full editing tool priced at $29.00 per month.

Tools to generate and nurture leads 

It is common knowledge that leads are the blood for the real estate industry

  • Spacio

An excellent tool that helps you collect valuable details of the clients you meet at an open house. Essential information related to their locational preference, budgetary limitations, size of the house, number of room preferences, distinct requirements, and more, can be gathered and collated using this software. Also, it leaves a better image in the minds of the potential buyer vis-à-vis manual jotting of data in a small notebook!

  • Mailchimp

Email campaigns are time-tested and bear fruitful results, especially in the gamut of real estate. Every visitor to your site who leaves behind their contact details and email ids is a potential lead. Instead of reaching out to each of them using manual and other automated methods, use this digital tool to nurture leads.

Tools to facilitate showings

Showings are a crucial aspect of the industry. This is what makes or breaks the lead; in other words, converts the leads or sends them to another agent.

  • ScheduleOnce

One of the best tools for the real estate agent is this tool, that helps him give up the manual method of maintaining and scheduling appointments. Not only this, but you can also use this tool to publish your team’s campaigns directly onto your website.

Marketing tools for social media posts

Social media is an influential medium, and as a smart real estate agent, you must take advantage of the platform. Multiply your market reach and drive your market penetration impactfully by using these tools. While generating new attractive content regularly is challenging, it is not so when you use these tools for the creation of fresh content.

  • Canva

An extremely user-friendly tool that uses the pre-existing templates to make easy-to-print flyers, brochures, invitations, presentations, business cards, and impressive easy-to-post social media ads, posts, and other types of contents.

  • CityBlast

Use this tool to generate new leads or share more information with your very own audience on social media. The tool helps with regular posting of new content on your social media profile. You can easily manage and schedule content on social media using this tool. It has been made especially for the real estate industry to help create customized ad campaigns to get you more leads.


Did you know that almost 73% of the agent’s market in the US use Facebook to market their services and reach out to customers? The use of right marketing tools can differentiate your business effectively from your competition, helping you get motivated leads, and converting them into a business. As you explore these top real estate marketing tools for a competitive edge, equally important is to choose the right legal support for your business. Looking into LegalZoom Competitors could help you find the best legal service provider for your needs.


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