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Many people in this day and age use the phrase “all-rounder” in a casual manner, attributing it to anyone capable of playing well with the bat as well as the ball. However, according to cricket Samachar, genuine all-rounders are difficult to come by in cricket, and the fact that so few clubs have the financial means to engage them is illustrative of how challenging it is to find them.

A true all-rounder is a player that is capable of contributing to the success of the team in both the bowling department and on the field, while also excelling in both areas.

Despite the enormous number of cricket teams, Australia has always had one player on the squad who can play all three positions, which has helped the team remain balanced.

The best five Australian all-rounders of all time are included in this article, which can be found here.

  •  Keith Miller –

Keith Miller, who is 6 feet 7 inches tall and has a loud demeanour and a menacing smile, is widely considered to be one of Australia’s all-time finest players. During his prime, Miller was an almost unstoppable force both at the plate and on the field and watching him play was a pleasure due to the flair he displayed.

Miller announced his retirement in 1956 having the finest overall statistics of any player in the league at the time. He was a member of Bradman’s Invincibles team at one point.

When Miller first started his career, he was a batter, but he quickly became invincible in both batting and bowling. As a bowler, he was more sought after by the powerful Invincibles lineup, as the evidence provided by his statistics demonstrates.

Miller played in 55 matches and had an overall batting average of 36.97, scoring 2,958 runs with seven hundred. He was able to take 170 wickets with the ball and had a great batting average of 22.97.

  • Jack Gregory –

Jack Gregory, an Australian all rounder who was born in New South Wales and had a career that consisted of only 24 Test matches, was able to make a significant contribution despite the little amount of time available to him.

Even though Gregory was best known for his powerful quick bowling, his statistics provide insight into the level of success he enjoyed with the bat over his career. He finished with 1146 runs at an average of 36.50 and had two centuries among his scores. He took an average of 31.15 wickets per game with the ball and finished with 84 dismissals overall.

At the plate, Gregory did not use gloves or a protective box to shield his hands. In 1928, he was compelled to retire because of a serious condition affecting his knee. As a result of his outstanding play in cricket in 1922, the Wisden Cricketer of the Year award was bestowed upon him.

  • Armstrong –

“The Large Vessel” Armstrong, whose birth name was Warwick Windridge and whose nickname was “The Big Ship,” was one of the most charismatic sportsmen competing around the globe at that time. On the field, Armstrong was a towering presence, and his batting average and fielding percentage have since become synonymous with his height.

Armstrong played in 50 games throughout his career and amassed a batting average of 38.68 while collecting 2,863 runs. Throughout this period, a total of six centuries and eight half centuries were traversed. Big Armstrong took 87 wickets with the ball, averaging 33.59 throughout his career.

On flat ground, he bowled right-arm seam, but he could readily transition to bowling leg breaks if the situation demanded it.

In the ten Test matches that took place between 1920 and 1921, Armstrong, the captain of the Australian cricket team, guided his team to eight triumphs and two draws. During his career, he played in 269 first-class matches and amassed more than 16,000 runs while also taking over 800 wickets.

After his passing, he was given honorary status in the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame in the year 2000 for the services he made to the sport.

  • Alan Davidson –

During his maiden tour of South Africa in 1957/58, left-arm fast bowler Alan Davidson came into his own as a player and demonstrated his full potential. Over the course of more than a decade, he finished with 72 wickets and four centuries to his name. After achieving a significantly new degree of maturity, he continued to serve Australia in a remarkable manner for the coming five years. This was after he had completed his military service.

Despite the fact that injuries cut short his career, he never stopped hoping for a second chance. Throughout his career, Davidson represented England in a total of 44 tests and had a batting average of 20.53 and a run average of 24.59. He was a wicketkeeper as well.

Davidson was also a skilled fielder who possessed a tremendous arm. He was able to catch batters off guard and frequently startled them with his ability to throw them off their game. In addition to this, he was a catcher who was reliable even when faced with difficult conditions.

  •  Shane Watson –

Shane Watson appeared to have everything that was required to become one of the greatest all-rounders in the history of the sport, but his frail physique and inconsistent performance prevented him from reaching his full potential. Shane Watson appeared to have everything that was required to become one of the greatest all-rounders in the history of the sport

If he had been willing to take risks and go further in his career, it would have been much more motivational for others to watch him succeed.

The tall Queenslander scored 3,731 runs and took 75 wickets while averaging 33.33 throughout 59 test matches. His batting average was 35.19, while his bowling average was 33.33.

A significant increase from his previous totals, he scored 5,757 runs in 169 innings of limited overs play at an average of 40.54 runs per innings. At a pace of 31.79 wickets per innings, he took 168 wickets throughout 163 innings.

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