What Things Should Be Considered Before Buying a Travel Router?

For frequent travellers, accessing the internet on the go is important because they don’t have any other means by which they can stay updated on the latest that is going on in the world. Fortunately, there are now travel WiFi devices available that can allow you to access the internet on the go, at any time and any place you want to. Since the market is full of so many options, you should be keeping some things in considerations before you make the final move, and here are things that you should consider before buying a travel WiFi router:

Good Battery Life

For any travel WiFi device, it is important that it should last long because you would be travelling and spending most of your time away from a power source, so you can see how imperative it is to have good battery life.

If you are buying a travel WiFi router then always make sure that it has a good battery that can last for quite some long and if you really want to use the internet while you are travelling, you can buy an additional battery pack or a power bank that can come in handy during emergency situations.

Internet Speeds

The speed of the WiFi device that you are going to buy is also important and it is something that you should consider before making a final decision. If a WiFi travel device has top speeds that are 10-20 Mbps then it is not worth it. Most of the travel WiFi routers come with speeds of 100-150 Mbps and it is the minimum speed that you must consider. 

If you are travelling and getting very slow internet speeds then you will be very annoyed. So, here you will know the importance of speed and how important it is to have a WiFi device that can offer fast speeds.


Connectivity is also important and a thing that you should consider before you make the final decision. Depending on how you travel, it is most likely that you would have at least 2-3 travel partners with you and the travel router that you should be buying should have the ability to connect multiple devices. 

You would have multiple devices that can be connected to the internet and so will your partners so, choosing a device that allows multiple connections at the same time will not be an issue. 


The option of VPN is very essential for any internet connection and you should be choosing a WiFi travel router that has this feature available. If you are going anywhere abroad then you would know that there would be regional restrictions involved and for those purposes, you can get past those regional restrictions with the help of a VPN.

Plus, Internet Surveillance is also involved and no matter where you go, you would always find the ISP or Government snooping on you. So, if you don’t want to get being snooped then you should use a VPN that will help you preserve and maintain your privacy and for these reasons, the VPN feature in a travel router is important.

You can find out if your WiFi travel device has this feature or not by going to the default gateway address of your travel router, which for most routers is It can be and these two are the most common private IP addresses that are assigned to the default gateway. Once there, log into the admin panel and see if the VPN option is available or not. You can also search on the internet about a WiFi travel device whether it has a VPN feature or not before buying. 

The Ability To Switch Between Carriers

The ability to access the internet on the spot and switch between different ISPs is very important if you want to have a good WiFi travel router. Sadly, this option is not available in most devices because they are carrier locked and only work with a specific carrier or network provider’s SIM card but there are some travel routers available out there that can work with any SIM card and those are the best ones.

If you are travelling locally where only one SIM card is working then you can always switch over to that SIM card and if you are travelling abroad then you can buy a SIM card from that country, put that into your device and you’re good to go and use the internet on the go.


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