Why Gaming Will Be Important for The 5G Market

The 5th Generation wireless network (5G) is the newest level of cellular technology. With the introduction of 5G into our world, speed and accuracy of wireless networks would increase tremendously, which would affect virtually every area of our lives including gaming.

New Dimension of Bets

Gaming is an area where use of 5G will succeed and become more attractive ultimately influencing the betting experience. 5G would improve and almost perfect real time sports betting due to the high speed and low latency that 5G offers. It would most definitely reduce occurrences of time lag. 

Betting on sports would become more desirable as friends in different locations could bet on live games without any hindrances. Results of battles, games, matches, would more than anything, accurately show the level of skill of players instead of the strength and speed of their internet connection. In due course, betting organizations are bound to make more profit since a seamless 5G network would attract more players and gamblers.

Cloud Gaming will Change

The way we play games is set to change in the immediate future with 5G network. It is widely believed that video games would begin to rely entirely on cloud gaming. Projects like Google Stadia which would soon start off are obvious signs. Cloud gaming, with the help of the 5G network would function with ease on smart phones and other portable devices. There would be very little occurrence of latency issues and top end games could be streamed on your smart phones which will feel like playing on your PC or console. 

Various games are going to start operating in 2020, including Cyberpunk 2077, this particular game is officially now a title that would be available on the Google Stadia platform.

More Interactive Mobile Games

The benefit of 5G to mobile games is the speed at which these games would be streamed on your mobile. The speed at which data is transferred from the server to your mobile would enable devices to handle cloud based interactive games which would ordinarily be too large for the storage space or RAM. More Interactive mobile games would be developed with the cloud storage system which would enable you stream the game in real time, thanks to 5G.

 New portable consoles would emerge

Huge console manufacturers are actively considering using the 5G network in new portable consoles. A top official of Nintendo games, during a shareholder meeting said that the company is taking note of the 5G technology. You would be able to play your games seamlessly on a portable device which would be immensely beneficial to manufacturer and player. Your favorite games like PUBG would stream effortlessly without any concern about lagging or any of such faults.


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