Women in Punjab Are The Most Obese Of All – Survey

Punjab is the land of butter chicken, lassi and also big fat weddings. Almost all the people of Punjab are food lovers and not to forget that their unconditional love for alcohol. Punjabis are undoubtedly the coolest and the most chilled out people in India but the report revealed by the national health survey is surely going to disappoint all the Punjabis.

As per the report revealed by national heath survey, Punjabis are the most obese community. The women in Punjab have left behind the men in Punjab in terms of obesity. It has happened for the first time in a decade and the reason for the same could be a drop in liquor consumption by men in Punjab. Though Punjab also has a lot of fitness freaks but it’s a matter of serious concern for the obese people.

Obesity Problem With The Women In Punjab

The percentage of obese women in Punjab will definitely shock you.As per the NFHS (National Family Health Survey) 2015-16, 32.4% of women in Punjab are obese and diabetic. Men in Punjab are also not behind as the percentage of obese men in Punjab is 32.1%. There are 30.6% overweight women and 25% overweight men in the villages of Punjab.

Punjabis living in both urban and rural areas have become fatter since the last NFHS round (2005-06).

Punjabi’s Consumption Habits

Union Ministry of health and family welfare commissioned the latest round last year. International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai completed the survey last year.

The survey’s report of the habits of the Punjabis will give you chills down your spine. Drug abuse was the main issue in the state’s polls. The strangest thing is that men in Punjab have become much sober as far as consuming liquor is concerned. As per a report, there were about 34% liquor consumers in Punjab’s cities in 2005-06. The percentage has dropped from 34% to 29.7% and there has been a drop in villages too from 43.4% to 36.9%

The analysts said that there a lot reasons for this change. Some of them are the awareness campaigns by women, more dependence on drugs and also that the panchayats socially boycotted the vend owners.

Source: The Times Of India

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