And Now, There’s A Special 14% Quota for Girls in IIT & Here’s Why

India’s premier engineering institution, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has decided to introduce a women quota for its aspirants for the admissions in the year 2018 into their graduate courses. Women aspirants seeking admission into the prestigious institution of IIT suffered a great jerk as per what statistics state.

The introduction of 14% women quota in a supernumerary format would ensure gender balance in the system which is of great importance and necessity in today’s world.

About the Women Quota

The women quota in IIT is a move that has been welcomed by all. In an urge to have more and more women engineers passing out from the technical institutions which are pioneers of Engineering, the decision is a step ahead in the right direction which was taken on Saturday. Here are all the developments that are taking place to introduce the women quota in IIT’s.

  • Joint Admission Board (JAB) of the IITs has taken the initiative
  • Introduction of quota of supernumerary seats for women
  • Supernumerary format meaning intake which is more than actual
  • Even if women do not qualify the exam, admission through this quota feasible
  • Hence, no reduction in seats for male candidates as feared
  • Decision to be implemented in a phased manner
  • Introduction of 14% of women quota for academic session of 2018
  • The figure to reach 20% by the year 2026 gradually

Why to have Women Quota in IIT’s ?

IIT’s have a poor and imbalanced form of intake in terms of gender intake. For every 100 male students, only 8 or 9 female students make it to the batch which is a cause of worry. Here are the reasons cited to introduce women quota in IIT’s in the supernumerary form.

  • To ensure gender balance
  • Give equal chance to female aspirants
  • Ensure a high competitive environment
  • To combat gender imbalance
  • To abolish male dominated culture in technical field of education
  • No. of women applying for the enrolment is already less
  • Lesser opportunities are given to women to prepare for the competitive exam
  • Qualifying the entrance exam is further dismal

What Statistics say ?

Quite easy to talk about gender equality and equal opportunities for all, but when it comes to implementation, the task begins. Statistics have shown a declining slump and downfall in the women candidates that are getting enrolled for the technical education programmes every year. With the increase in a number of years, the trends of the graph depicting enrolled female aspirants are shocking and here’s what statistics say.

  • A meagre amount of 8% of IIT students are women currently
  • 8.8% women admitted to IITs in the academic year of 2014
  • Slight increase in the figure which went up to 9% in  the year 2015
  • Introduction of 14% quota for women to improve these statistics
  • Gradual increase from 14% in 2018 to 20% in 2026 as planned

But, Hello ??

Caution women, here’s a catch. IIT Admissions still do not come easy as it is not a left hand’s play even when you try and avail the new quota. The officials clearly state that the eligibility criteria still do apply and women candidate must be in the top 20 percentile of her board exam results in her subjects to be able to get admission into these premium institutes via the supernumerary quota for women.

So, if winter comes, can spring be far behind? So all you IIT women aspirants out there, Buck up and get ready to explode!

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