Xiaomi Power Bank Prices Decrease Substantially As They Are Now Made In India | Come With an ‘i’ Badge

Xiaomi has been the top player in India when it comes to power banks even though a lot of local made fake power banks with a ‘mi’ badge end up being sold in the country. Xiaomi India has set up a new factory in India which will manufacture the Mi line up of power banks. These new made in India power banks come with an ‘i’ badge to indicate the same. This move had decreased the price of new Mi power banks by Xiaomi India substantially.

The Mi Power Banks By Xiaomi India Now Come With A Decreased Price Tag

The Mi Power Banks have been the best in the segment and offered huge value for money. To make them further affordable Xiaomi India has set up a new factory in partnership with HI Pad Technologies in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The facility will only make Mi Power Banks by Xiaomi India.

Most of the parts of the power bank are manufactured here apart from the lithium-ion battery which is still sourced from China. Xiaomi India hopes to make all the parts of the Mi Power bank here in the Noida facility in the future.

Mi Power Bank Price – The existing Mi Power banks the 10000mAh and the 20000mAh were sold for 1,299 and 2,199 respectively by Xiaomi India. Both these Mi Power banks came with Quick Charge 3.0 support and low power mode for Bluetooth headsets. Since the Mi Power banks are now made in the Noida facility by hi Pad Technologies and Xiaomi India the prices of these have been decreased to 799 and 1499 Indian Rupees respectively.

Fake Xiaomi Mi Power banks dominate the market

The Mi Power banks by Xiaomi India are so popular that a lot of fake duplicates still dominate the Indian market. To put an end to this Xiaomi India plans to add a hologram at the packaging of these original made in India Mi Power banks. Also keep in mind that the Mi Power banks are sold only on Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Mi.com/in only by Xiaomi India. All the other sources sell fake power banks no matter how authentic they claim they are.

Source: IndianExpress

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