8 Best Lenovo Renewed Laptops at Amazon & Flipkart To Buy Now

How does Lenovo unravel your hesitancy to pick the compatible, cheap and cheerful laptop as per your desires? Lenovo inducted a chain of Renewed Laptops for you to soar up your savings with the monumental discounts and to work without a hitch. 

Renewed Laptops are the laptops possessing the same capacity and features fostering synchronising ease of your pockets and work. We have mustered the reasons to save with these 8 Best Lenovo Renewed Laptops at Amazon and Flipkart and work like a pro.

Lenovo ThinkPad Hybrid Laptop X230

In the light of your comfort and productivity, Lenovo ThinkPad Hybrid LaptopX230 is a 12.5 inch screen black device automated with Intel Core i5 3320M Processor alongside a 4 GB RAM to do manifold things at once.At this price, you can take delight in the best features infused in the brand new laptops at the greater prices. 

The features and specifications making it an apt choice for you to shop are stated beneath.

    • Size and Weight30.48 x 21.59 x 2.03 cm; 1.34 Kilograms
    • Processor – Intel Core i5 3320M
    • RAM – 4 GB
    • Hard Disk – 128 GB Hybrid Drive
    • Average Battery Life – 6.5 Hrs

Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop 

Leaving no chinks in the armour, the appealing Microphone and keyboard makes the Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop an ideal selection inculcated with the Intel Core i5 4 processor and 8 GB RAM. It is the best selling laptop due to it’s long battery life and an easy to view screen size.The more grounds for you to save with this have been aired below.

  • Screen Size – 15.6 inches
  • RAM – 4GB
  • Graphics Card RAM Size – 4GB
  • Memory Technology – DDR4
  • Operating System – Windows 10 

Lenovo ThinkPad Core i5 5th Gen Business Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad Core i5 5th Gen Business Laptop is the need of the hour. With this 14 inch display powered by Intel i5 Processor 5th Gen, tasks cannot be put on hold.The black device can usher you in streamlining multiple chores without delay adjacent to the below listed specifications to ace your work. 

  • RAM – 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • SSD- 128GB 
  • Operating System – 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • Includes – Laptop, Charger & AC Adaptor
  • Warranty – 12 Months assured warranty. 

Lenovo ThinkPad Core i5 6th Gen 

If you prefer 64 bit DOS Operating System, then you can opt for the Lenovo ThinkPad Core i5 6th Gen is in the spotlight to quell your worries. The motive is to impart an outstanding performance likewise growing up your savings. Why should you buy this thinkpad series? We made the head or tails for you with these below listed updated features.

  • Screen Size – 14.1 inch Display
  • Storage – 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Hard Disk Drive – 500 GB
  • Color – Black
  • Additional Gadgets – Laptop, Battery & AC Adapter 

*Note: You can get a free and easy 10 days return and 12 months assured warranty. 

Lenovo ThinkPad X240 Intel Core i5

Lenovo Thinkpad X240 stepped in to enhance your work experience. Being an airy 1.3KG device powered by Intel Core i5 – 4300u Processor with a storage capacity of 128 GB SSD, you can throw your weight on it’s shoulders. 

We got a series of bolstering features for you to comfort your unwelcomed grapplings.

  • Screen Size – 12.5 Inches
  • SSD – 128 GB RAM
  • Processor – Intel Core i5 – 4300u Processor
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Pro
  • Average Battery Life – 20 Hours  
  • Product Weight –  1 Kg 3g
  • Additional Item – Lenovo Bag

*Note: You will get an assured Amazon Renewed Guarantee with the purchase of this device.

Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5i 

The reason making it count in the top selling devices at Amazon is it’s compatibility with your requirements. At an unbeatable price, you are taking advantage of the high priced laptops with the same features and frame. Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5i besides having an alluring look is a 14 inch FHD IPS 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop with these bundle of attributes.

  • Human Interface Input – Touchscreen with Stylus Support
  • Screen Size – 15.6 Inches
  • Form Factor – Convertible
  • Product Weight – 32.2 x 21.8 x 1.8 cm; 1.5 Kilograms
  • RAM Size – 8GB RAM 
  • Average Battery Life – 7 Hours
  • Additional Components – Laptop, Power Adapter, User Manual, Active Pen Stylus.

Lenovo ThinkPad Core i5 4th Gen 

All eyes are focused on the Lenovo ThinkPad Core i5 4th Gen, as you are fetching 8GB DDR3 RAM, 14 inches screen size for your eyesight comfort, 6 months assured warranty and 10 days of free easy returns. There’s always room for more with Lenovo devices, you can get the following specifications to keep the quality of your work intact. 

    • Screen Size – 14 inch
    • Color – Black
    • Processor – Intel Core i5 Processor (4th Gen)
    • Hard Disk Device – 500 GB 
    • Operating System – 64 bit Linux, Ubuntu, Operating System
    • Additional Couplers – Laptop, Battery & AC Adapter

Lenovo Yoga 300 

If you want a triumphant performance at a price consorting your pockets, then you must not pay attention to other devices than Lenovo Yoga 300. Possessing a magnificent body, it is powered by a 2.16GHz Intel Pentium Quad N3540 processor and a 500 GB storage space. To imprint your work, you can calm yourself by taking merit of these splendid specifications.

  • Screen Size 11.6 inch screen
  • Storage – 4 GB DD3R RAM
  • Product Weight – 2kg 20g
  • Hard Drive Size – 500GB
  • Graphics CoProcessor – Intel Integrated Graphics
  • Average Battery Life – 8 Hours 
  • Color- Black  

*Note: Get Amazon Renewed Assured warranty for 12 Months. 

How to choose the best Lenovo Renewed Laptop at Amazon & Flipkart? 

We mitigated your woe over choosing the best Lenovo Renewed Laptop at Amazon and Flipkart with the basket of benchmarks unfolded beneath.

    • Screen Size
    • Battery Life
    • Warranty
    • Laptop Weight
    • Operating System
    • Keyboard Compatibility
    • Graphics & Display Quality  
    • Processor
    • Hard Drive & Storage
    • RAM


You can make the best choice with these Lenovo Renewed Laptops available at Amazon and Flipkart with the rock bottom prices enhanced with the same features and capacity for a wonderful work performance and experience.


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