Importance Of The Solar Battery In A Solar Panel System

The role of solar battery in the photovoltaic solar system is very significant. It stores the excess energy your solar panel system generates. The batteries used in a solar energy system function as energy “accumulators” and are responsible for storing the energy obtained by the solar panels. The batteries have the function of providing electrical energy when there are service interruptions or blackouts due to emergency situations.

At the moment when the solar panels can generate more electricity than that demanded by the electrical system, all the energy demanded is supplied by the panels and the excess is used to charge the batteries.

Benefits Of Batteries In Solar Panel System

The outrage of Mother Nature causes severe electrical damage in India leaving us without power for long periods of time. But calamities are not solely responsible for power outages, as we can also lose power when our electrical grid is overloaded.

That is why more and more people are opting for renewable energy systems with batteries since they allow the continuity of electrical energy even when the grid system fails.

Functions Of Solar Batteries

Its main function is to provide electrical energy to the system just at the moment that the photovoltaic panels do not generate enough electricity normally; an example of this is at night when there is little light.

It is important to mention that solar panel generates the electricity from the solar energy. Then the generated electricity stores in the battery and at last it can be used to run the home appliance with the help of solar inverter which transforms DC current to AC current.

Electricity moves from the battery as long as there is a circuit connected between the positive and negative poles, when the battery is discharging, the lead component of each plate is very similar.

In the event that the photovoltaic system is properly connected and you do not have a battery, the system will not work during a blackout, if your solar system does not have a battery, it will not be possible to store the energy produced by the solar panels.

Therefore, during the power outage, the solar power system will turn off automatically; if on the other hand, you have backup power thanks to the batteries you will be able to enjoy power even if there is a service outage.

The Best Type Of Batteries Perfect For Solar Panel System

Lithium batteries: The lithium solar battery for solar panel system occupy little space, weigh little and do not emit gases. So they can be put anywhere. The charging time is the fastest, having self-sufficiency of up to 70%. And in addition, it allows total downloads without being seriously affected by its useful life. They are able to reach a life of more than 20 years. At the time of choosing the solar battery don’t forget that Lithium batteries are 100% sustainable. The small “but” of these types of batteries may be their price. But if all the benefits are valued, it is a more than profitable investment, if we are looking for a high-performance installation.


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