This CCTV Video of an Ambulance Accident in Chandigarh will Leave You Shocked

The number of vehicles in Chandigarh are increasing at an alarming rate and thus are the number of accidents. In this video, an ambulance collides with a car at Transport Chownk on Madhya Marg. The video might disturb you, so we suggest not to watch it if you are not a brave hearted person.

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While the accident happened in Chandigarh, it was caught live on Chandigarh Traffic Police’s CCTV camera installed at a pole on the transport chownk. Accidents do happen but you might not have seen an ambulance collide with a car so badly even after it was having the siren on top of it.

The ambulance was carrying a patient. As soon as it collided with a car coming on high spped from the side, the patient fell on the road. He was already critical and was being rushed to the hospital. The video shows it clearly.

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It happened in year 2012 but even today, the video teaches us not to rush on red lights. If you see the timer ticking, it is better to stop rather than speeding up to cross the lights.

Secondly, whenever, you see an ambulance, please give way and do your part in saving a life.

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