This Guy Used To Stare A Girl in His College Bus Daily, But What Happens Next Will Make You Cry

Chandigarh has a lot of colleges in and around the city and many students utilize the services of college buses. Well, it is not about co-ed colleges or colleges buses and we are not only talking about youngsters.

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Men on a whole are known to glance at women whenever they get a chance. Some with a polite smile while others stare them with bad intentions.

In this video, a guy stares a girl in his college bus daily. The girl notices him and tries to ignore. Even the girl’s friend notices this guy and shows concern. She even talks about getting this guy beaten up by her brother.

Finally, after 15-20 days, this guy who used to stare this girl comes forward to talk to her. Here is all that happened. Keep a hand on your heart and make sure you remember your sister.

The video is so beautiful and touching that it’ll make you cry.

Do watch it till the end.

The video shows real sentiments of a relationship.

We say that the best relation is this world is that of a brother and sister. Make sure you give your sister a call after watching this. And remember that Raksha Bandhan is not the only day when you should remember and celebrate this relationship.

Even if one guy out of you calls his sister right now or just one girl reading this remembers someone who acts as a brother to them, I’ll think that my post has been successful. Cheers!

A salute to those who respect women and BIG shame on those who are still struck with things like Dowry.

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