This Policeman in Chandigarh was Asked Where is His Helmet & His Answer will Surprise You

In one of its kind incident in Chandigarh, a policeman was found riding a bike without helmet. What’s more interesting is that he was questioned by normal citizens like you and me for not wearing a helmet. While his answer is funny, he also does not have a number plate on his bike. Yet again he was questioned…

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Here’s the story:

A Punjabi youth while driving his car saw a policeman without helmet and opened his window to ask him why is he riding a bike without a helmet. During the conversation, the policeman agreed that he should be challaned but he given an awesome bahana as to why he should not.

The youth also found out that there was no number plate on the bike which was been driven by the policeman. Yet, again he tried to stop the cop to ask about it. But, you see police wallas can run away.

Watch this Policeman giving lame excuses for not wearing a helmet

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I guess Chandigarh is one such city where even citizens can question policemen for breaking laws and there’s a video for you to believe.

However, we do request everyone in the city to follow traffic rules and question those who do not follow it.

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