Censor Board India Likely to Lose its Hold of Branding a Film as ‘Censored’

You’ll be shocked to know that censor Board in India will soon lose the authority of censorship. There is always a situation of hue and cry whenever a movie, either Bollywood or Hollywood plans its screening across theatres in India and it receives a red flag from the censor board over its ‘Adult’ content. The filmmakers have to run from pillars to posts in order to get a thumbs up from the censor board before the release of their movie without making many changes. But, sometimes, some movies get brutally butchered in the hands of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) that kills the entire art involved in its making.

Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) may lose censorship hold soon

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) or commonly known as the Censor Board is the most important thing in the professional lives of all filmmakers in India. The Censor Board can either mark or mar the reputation of any upcoming movies in India. It is basically a panel of moral policing given an authority to give certification to movies as appropriate, not appropriate, adult or universal rating. Censor board can give ‘A’ certificate to any movie that includes obscenity, violence, content that can invoke communal riots, hurt religious or political sentiments, explicit dialogues, pornography or anything evil that isn’t appropriate for children viewing.

Why I&B Ministry wants to withdraw authority from Censor Board India

But now the rumors are rife that Information and Broadcasting Ministry will soon withdraw authority from the Censor Board (Central Board of Film Certification) of censorship and will draft a new bill in order to amend the Act of Cinematography on the recommendations of Shyam Benegal committee.

As per the Benegal committee recommendation now CBFC or the Censor Board will only be restricted to its literal role of certification rather than directing filmmakers to cut off or edit their projects. Only the central government will have to the authority of suspending any movie from screening. If any filmmakers wish to change the certification on their movie can do the required alterations in their movies to make their final screening of the movies across theatres as universally viewable. The movies will be certified by the censor board as UA 12+, UA 15+, ‘A’ with caution only A and so on. Also, only the Central Government would hold the power to suspend the screening of any film.

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