Chris Gayle Hits Fastest Century In History During IPL Match

Chris Gayle, or ‘universe boss’ as he likes to call himself, is an absolute darling of the cricket fans. He is an out-and-out entertainer both off and on the field. After winning over the fans in Bangalore, Gayle storm came to Punjab in 2018. Here, his impact was felt almost instantly as he had a century against Hyderabad in that season. Bowling attacks have struggled to contain the kind of storm that he brings on the pitch.

But the best show of his talents was when he scored the fastest 100 back in 2013. Today, let’s take a look at that explosive innings by Gayle.

Chris Gayle And The Fastest 100 In IPL History

Chris Gayle scored record runs of 175 against the presently defunct Pune Warriors India. This set the record for the fastest 100 in IPL history and the highest individual score in IPL. It even surpassed the 158-run total of Brendon McCullum for Kolkata knight Riders in the first season of the league. Though the fastest century in IPL 2021 is yet to be seen, here’s revisiting Gayle and his fastest century once more.

Facts About The Fastest 100 In IPL history

On 23rd April 2013, Gayle smashed the fastest century in IPL and T20 cricket. In this process, he led Royal Challengers Bangalore to a huge 130-run win over Pune Warriors.

Thanks to the Gayle storm, RCB turned out to be the first team that crossed the seemingly impossible mark of 250-runs in IPL. Also, the fastest century in IPL 2021 by Gayle made RCB’s 263/5 the highest total by any team in IPL to this day. The second place on this list also goes to RCB, as they have a score of 248/3 against the currently defunct Gujarat Lions in 2016. Also, until this day, Yusuf Pathan’s fastest century in the IPL happens to be the fastest century in the IPL by an Indian player.

A Recap Of The Fastest 100 In IPL 2021

In the beginning, this historic match between Bangalore and Pune got delayed because of the rain. But the cricket that was played on that ground after this was simply phenomenal. Gayle opened the batting for his team and reached fifty runs in only seventeen balls. It was not long before he made one hundred runs in a matter of thirty balls.

Though the fastest century in IPL 2021 is yet to be seen, breaking Gayle’s record seems anything but easy. After all, it is not only about the fastest 100 in IPL 2021, but the fiery brand of cricket on display that day. The explosive 175-run score was peppered pretty well with thirteen fours and seventeen massive sixes. And that’s not all! This West Indies cricketer even took two wickets in the last over.

Fans expected more fight from Pune’s side. After all, chasing down 264 runs is anything but easy when you have only twenty overs in hand. But RCB dominated the game right from the start. Pune did not get any chance to take charge because the wickets kept dropping at the right intervals.

Finally, Pune scored a bare 133 runs in those 20 overs, and RCB had an unforgettable 130-run victory over them. The biggest positive for Pune in the match was that Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the Indian seamer, conceded only 23 runs in his four overs.

The Fastest Century In IPL By Indian player

Yusuf Pathan( Richest Cricket Player) fastest century in IPL comes right after Gayle if the pace of scoring runs is considered. Pathan scored his 100 runs in 37 balls, which included eight sixes and nine fours. Mayank Agarwal is the only other person in the list of the top ten fastest centuries in IPL. The fastest century in the IPL by an Indian player is still topped by Pathan. It is time to see whether anyone can top Yusuf Pathan fastest century in IPL this time.

The Endnote

Whether or not the fastest 100 in IPL 2021 will be as amazing as Gayle’s or even Pathan’s, is yet to be seen. But one thing is for sure: this season is going to be as unforgettable as all the rest before it. So, keep following the IPL 2021 schedule for more updates.


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