Clarion Steel Coolers- Are they better than the rest?

By this time sweltering summer has just knocked here in India, so it’s the time to look for groundbreaking, energy-efficient, and cost-effective cooling solutions. Like previous years’ record-breaking summers, this year’s summer has again started crossing the 40-degree temperature mark in many regions of India. These rising heat waves are responsible for making people combat the heat with air-conditioners, which further result into amplifying the demand of electricity and inducing harmful effects on the environment.

Most of us may question if there is a better means to cool this summer in an inexpensive, inventive, energy-saving and environment-friendly manner? 

Clarion Coolers’ Steel 75 Cooler

An incredible number of Indians prefer air coolers rather than air conditioning for making their summer cool. There are numerous air cooler manufacturers are available in today’s electronics market to choose from. The most typical air coolers are manufactured with stainless steel, for instance, Clarion’s steel 75 cooler. This innovative and first-of-its-kind cooler is made from 304 grade stainless steel which is a highly anti-corrosive material that offers long durability for years.

Steel 75 cooler works based on the basic principle of evaporation and cool the air in more cost-effective and eco-friendly way. Besides, it is equipped with a powerful 17” exhaust fan that gives you a blast of cool air. It’s highly efficient, RoHS-approved honeycomb cooling pads are long useable and offer better hygroscopicity with no risk of any deformation. What’s more? Steel 75 is loaded with a smart dust cum Mosquito filter which soaks up remainder dust particles and purify air thoroughly. To cool down every corner of your room, steel 75 comes with smart aluminum auto swing louvers. In short or simple words, Clarion steel 75 is superior in quality than the other air coolers in the same segment as it provides long-lasting cooling benefits and is also low on maintenance.

The manufacturing of this steel 75 cooler has mainly utilized non-carbon emitting devices that will not further cause any harmful carbon emissions as almost all of the industrial products produce today. Therefore, this cooler isn’t just an environmentally friendly cooler, but it is also a safe electronics product for the consumers as there is no release of chemicals while using it or no usage of such toxins in their working methods.

Key Features of Steel 75 Cooler

Apart from afore-shared features, the other unmatched features of this cooler cover the following things that make it a better air cooler than the rest air coolers available in the market today:

  • Auto-swing louvers
  • Low Running cost
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • RoHs Approved Honey Comb Pads
  • Effective Mosquito Cum Dust Filter
  • Powerful 17” Fan For Strong Air Delivery
  • Large Cooling Area of up to 400 square feet*
  • Made of highly anti-corrosive, 304 grade stainless steel 

Best Source to Buy Steel 75 Cooler

Clarion Coolers is one of the most leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial air coolers across India that offers both domestic (residential & commercial) metal desert coolers as well as industrial air coolers at genuine prices. These coolers include residential types ranging from kost series, expert series, silver, turbo, duct, window to aura series coolers. Moreover, its industrial cooler range covers Aura 21, cyclone 120, twister series, and ventilation series. Since its inception in the electronics market in1982, it has been serving the domestic market (including numerous cities of Punjab) with its innovative Clarions technology-based high-end products. All of the Clarion products possess the following key features:

  • Eco friendly: When there is no emission of any toxic carbon chemicals, it makes a clarion cooler safe and healthy for not only the environment but also for the customers. 
  • Robustness: All clarion products have heavyweight, robust, and sturdy bodies. 
  • Modernized design: Backed by aesthetic designs, making it certain that these products work perfectly in tune with any industrial environment. 
  • Energy and water conservation: As these products utilize very low energy and conserve water resources, these coolers are energy and water-saving products. 
  • Reliability and Trustworthiness: Each of Clarion air cooler is able to deliver maximized performance. 

While looking for the best source to buy a steel 75 air cooler, you can consider Clarion Coolers who has already made a strong image in the industry and more than a million consumers and industries have preferred clarion air coolers over other coolers available in the market today. By the way of manufacturing norms restricted to production, Clarions technology makes the best use of the evaporative cooling technique which is far more professional and ingenious while compared to convention compressed technology preferred in refrigerated cooling systems of today.

So, if you’re also looking for such an innovative, cost-effective, and eco-friendly cooling solution to beat the heat of this 2021’s summer, you can opt for Clarion Coolers’ steel 75 cooler. To know more about the features and prices of different models of Clarion air coolers, you can visit us at or contact us @ +91 78764 54321.


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