Here’s Why The Kapil Sharma Show Has Shut Down | Will It be back?

Recently, it was reported that The Kapil Sharma show will go off the air and we all have seen that no more episodes are being telecasted. But now the rumors are there that ace standup comedian, Kapil Sharma will restart the show soon. As of now, the Kapil Sharma show has shut down, and after a break, it will be back between the audience to make them laugh with new and fresh episodes. It has been reported that the reason for The Kapil Sharma show to close is the comedian’s health. From few months, Kapil Sharma is fighting with his health and it seems that things are not going in his favor.

Since last year, after the tiff between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, The Kapil Sharma show has landed into trouble. And that’s the reason why channel decided to shut it down.

Shutting Down of The Kapil Sharma Show

Be it walking out of the members of the show or making the celebrity wait for the show, Kapil Sharma has been in news for one of the either reason. And one by one mistake of Kapil Sharma has led to the downfall of his show. From day 1 in the industry till date, Kapil has gained huge fame in the field and has been rewarded as the best comedian in the country. But from last few months, stars are not working in favor of Kapil Sharma.

Few days earlier only, it was reported that Sony channel has extended the contract of The Kapil Sharma show. But now the place has been taken by another show named as The Drama Company. And The Kapil Sharma show is on the verge of getting closed.

The Kapil Sharma Show will be back soon

The news of the shutting down of The Kapil Sharma Show revealed as a shock for his fans. But Kapil Sharma has talked about the same and said that he will be returning back with his show soon for his fans. As of now, he is not well and also has to promote his upcoming movie Firangi that’s why he has been unable to dig time for his show. After the release of his movie Firangi, he will be back with the show and make people laugh again.

We wish all the luck to Kapil Sharma for his upcoming project and also hope that his show to be back on TV again.

Source: Indian Express


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