History of Batsman vs Bowler

We all know that nowadays, cricket is known as a batsman’s game. This is not just a story of recent time, but we all know that the batsman from the past has dominated cricket. The first T20 match between India and Sri Lanka was an exception because it supported the bowlers. This T20 match was held in Pune where the ball was swinging both ways, and the batsman had no clue how to play against deliveries. But this was just a one-off event in India.

But this is not the case with the pitch all around the world. The pitches which are made all around the world are mostly not favourable for the bowlers. We all know that the shorter format of the game is becoming famous day by day so the batsmen are also improvising and all the rules and regulations are coming up in favour of batsmen and that is why the new fantasy cricket app is famous in 2021. 

Hindi is short of cricket format of cricket the bowler has a very less margin of error because whenever he balls a bad ball, the batsman dispatches it for a boundary. It seems like it is becoming a norm that the matches should be high scoring and the in-form batsman must score plenty of runs. The one-day matches are also not considered very interesting if a batsman or the whole team does not score at least 300 runs. 

Let’s talk about the world cup which was held in Australia and New Zealand then we will see that around 463 sixes were hit in the whole tournament. This is almost 79% of increase and sixes heading when we compare it with the 2011 world cup. This can be considered a huge change in the ability of batting. We can say that the batsmen of modern times are very great and can hit sixes even on the good balls. But you will also see that the miss-timed shorts also go for 6s instead of being caught in the deep. 

It is not just because of the very flat pitches, but one more reason for this is the quality of bats that has increased dramatically over a period of time. The birds that the modern time batsmen use are so strong that even the mistimed shorts also go for sixes. One more reason for this is the shrinking of boundaries taking place in every format of the game. When we talk about the T20 in one days then you will see that the boundaries are so short that even the mistimed shots go for 6s and that’s what gave a boom to fantasy sports online.

The cricket game was becoming very difficult for the bowlers as they have very little scope of improvisation but still in some matches we see the dominance of bowlers which is very pleasing to the eyes to all the cricket lovers. So we can say that the pictures are very dusty nowadays, making it difficult for the bowlers to bowl on. The modern-day cricket does not understand the inequality in the game of “Batsmen vs Bowlers”.


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