Jora: The Second Chapter – An Instant Punjabi Movie Classic

When audiences fall in love with a film, not only do the box office figures rise rapidly, but it opens doors for many other associated franchises. A good movie can become a theme for games; for example, it can spark clothing lines, household items and more. Jora: The Second Chapter is an instant Punjabi movie classic that will undoubtedly have a long life not just on the big screen but in all of the franchises it has inspired. 

 Jora 10 Numbaria: A Recap

Fans of Jora 10 Numbaria will be delighted to see that the second chapter of the series has been released. But in case you missed it, it is probably advisable to nip back and watch this before continuing. The two are firmly linked, and it will make a lot more sense if you have seen this one first. So here’s a quick recap to get you going. The film hit the big screen in 2017 and tells a tale about the impact a devastating childhood can have on life. It is a dark drama based on revenge, and the directors say it is based on actual life events. The main character Jora is played by Deep Sidhu, and the story follows his life from significant struggles as a child. He grows up and joins the seedy underworld of the gangster. He has two constant companions, Deepa and Teja, but over time events take place that turn the friends into enemies. It is Jora’s wish to become the ruler of Bathinda, but there is a lot of violence, backstabbing, and explosive action in the way he gets there.

Loss of a Parent 

It is revealed that as a child, he suffered the loss of his mother. During the first half of the movie, there are a lot of throwbacks as the director tries to explain how the struggles of childhood have sent him into the dangerous world he now moves into. It is almost like they are trying to justify why he turned out as he did. The main star really makes this movie, and it will undoubtedly catapult him to more incredible things, and of course, we do get to see him again in the new second chapter. This is certainly a passion project for director Amardeep Singh Gill, a talented artist who generally uses the theatre as his medium. This is his first debut as a director on the big screen. His casting is certainly flawless, and he has managed to combine it with a good amount of action, a fantastic soundtrack, and some excellent fight scenes using guns, swords and bare fists.

The Second Chapter

Anything released in 2020 ran the risk of getting a little bit lost, and it is only now that this film is really coming to the fore. The second chapter is certainly as action-packed and crime riddled as the first one. There is plenty of political drama and action, and once more, we return to following the life of Jura. Thankfully there are no cast changes in the central characters, and Deep Sidhu continues his outstanding, dark and brooding performance. Other well-known names from the Punjabi film circuit star, with Japji Khaira as a politician, Mahie Gill as the good cop and Gigi Gill playing a convincing veteran. It is actually quite out of the comfort zone of most Punjabi movies, but it’s certainly gripping, and the audiences will love it. There are some exciting highlights where dirty politics are brought to the fore and how people passionate about their cause are able to justify unrighteous acts. Again, the director shows us how much of an artist he is pulling together all of these different aspects. He offers his audience picturisation and strong screenplay, and some fantastic dialogue that is powerful and hits home hard. Although there is something more up-budget about it compared to the first incarnation of the film, it certainly seems that the cinematography is grander and better. 

Overall, the movie demonstrates the ongoing struggle between good and evil and how this spills into every area, including politics, the judiciary, as well as people going about their everyday lives. It also pushes the boundaries of what is good and what is bad when it is made relative to the characters. Not only is the main character portrayed as a gangster, but he also takes the exciting step of looking to become a political leader. It shows a deeply interwoven and sometimes problematic relationship between gangsters, politicians and police officers. While the story focuses on our leading man, it is clear that it would not be such a successful film if it were not for all supporting characters. Without a doubt, this is one to watch, but again there are quite a lot of flashback scenes that you need to have seen the first movie to understand. The second offering is suspense-packed and keeps you focused and engaged throughout. It is easy to see why this has been labelled a Punjabi movie classic. There is little doubt that the franchises that stem from this movie will continue to grow in popularity, and the doors are, of course, left open for a third outing, but as yet, we don’t know whether that is going to be on the cards. In the meantime, if you have not seen both of these movies, you are certainly missing out, so it’s time to get a viewing.


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