Minimum Pay for 7th Pay Commission to Now be Decided by a New High Level Committee & Not NAC

If you have been following the news stories on 7th pay commission, you might be aware that the decision to increase the minimum basic pay is still hanging in between. Earlier it was announced that a final decision on minimum pay hike under 7th Pay commission will be taken is NAC meeting. A couple of meetings were held but the situation remains the same. The government seems to be under some kind of pressure to give more salaries to its workforce of millions and of course there is pressure from that workforce to increase the salaries.

Under 7th Pay commission, it has now been decided that the decision of minimum pay hike will be taken by a new committee which has been termed as a high-level committee. This body will not work under NAC and will be responsible to evaluate the minimum pay as demanded by government employees under 7th pay commission.

Has the Govt actually cleared recommendations of 7th Pay Commission?

Well, if it is a direct question, then the answer is – Yes, of course. The recommendations made under 7th pay commission were cleared by the government way back on 30th June 2016. However, the issue is regarding the minimum pay and fitment factor. The government employees are demanding the minimum pay to be Rs. 26000 instead of Rs. 18000. This is a hike of Rs. 8000.

With more than 1 crore employees, this 8000 hike goes into billions. This would surely be a great pressure on the government and hence 7th pay commission has not been fully cleared as of now.

Apart from this 7th Pay commission is also demanding the fitment factor to increase to 3.68 times from the present 2.57 times. A decision on the minimum pay and fitment factor under this pay commission will be taken by the high-level committee that will soon be formed.

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Will there be an 8th Pay Commission after 7th?

As the decision on minimum pay and fitment factor under 7th pay commission has still not been solved, the government has said that no more recommendations will be accepted from the pay commission in regard to government employees salary. Hence, it may be said that 7th pay commission might be the last pay commission ever. Now, this statement is again putting somewhat pressure on employees as well as the government. Employees want their minimum salaries to be increased and Indian government seems to be worried about the huge chunk of money that will have to be paid to employees under 7th pay commission recommendations.

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