MTV Roadies Xtreme (X6) 2018: Contestant Swapping to More Drama | Latest Updates

MTV Roadies Xtreme Seaon16  (2018), as its name, suggests really made it extreme for the contestants as well as gang leaders. As the host of the Roadies xtreme, Rannvijay always has the Plan B in the back of his mind to surprise (or I can say shock) contestants and gang leaders. After the elimination of Minnie from the gang Prince last week, MTV Roadies 2018 has seen a lot of change.

Started with Top 20 contestants and 4 different gangs, MTV Roadies Xtreme X6 is close to the final battle. One of the most adventurous & thrilling TV show has now reached to the entertaining turn. Here are the latest twist and turns on MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018.

MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 (Season 16): All updates of the Latest Episode

After the elimination of Minnie Rohela, Prince’s gang lited on fire to take a revenge from Neha and Raftaar’s gang. Even there has been a tiff between the gang leaders as well on the elimination ground as well. But unfortunately, as it has been decided by the contestants, Minnie has to leave MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018. Whereas after the elimination round, Prince and Nikhil talked to their gangs and found out the evil their gang, who voted out Minnie from the show.

On the Battleground, Nikhil decided not to give any chance to Mehakdeep, as he may be dangerous to his gang as well. As the task went on, gang Prince once again got immunity along with gang Raftaar after performing well in the battleground.

Swapping of Contestants & New Entry in MTV Roadies Xtreme X6 (2018)

With the ending up of the task, contestants along with MTV Roadies 2018 gang leaders went back to their tents. As its MTV Roadies Xtreme, the contestant gets a shock when they returned to their tents, as there were only 3 tents instead of 4. Then Rannvijay explains the same, that now on MTV Roadies Xtreme there will be swapping of contestants between the gangs. Even the host introduce the wild card entry of MTV Roadies Xtreme X6 i.e Sharan and Abhishek.

Now it’s upon the gang leaders whom they want to retain in their gang and whom they want to sell-off in MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 (Season 16) latest episode. Will Nikhil retain Mehakdeep or will buy Nishkarsh again for his gang? In which gang will Sharan & Abhishek will make their space? Everything will be revealed on the Sunday episode of Roadies Xtreme X6 on MTV.


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