Ronnessa Brown Turns Her Trial to Triumph by Leveraging Social Media

Ronnessa Brown, who is a national level social media branding expert is also a mother, entrepreneur, author and influential speaker. But success isn’t always served on a silver platter. It takes hard work and dedication. She was a teen mom who made sacrifices to provide for her children, all while having a dream of being a strong influence for women in her community. Her determination to defy odds is what led her to starting her own company. Social media has been a gateway to helping her share her story with women all over the world and motivate them to set the bar higher. Here’s a few tips that Ronne has to help YOU build your brand with social media:

The Laws Of Attraction

In order to build a successful brand you have to give people what they want. They want to know YOU. It’s all about building a relationship with your followers and providing content that makes them say “I felt that.”

All About That Image

Your image should be vibrant, clear and attractive for the people who are interested in what you have to offer. Be a product of the product you are offering. No one wants to buy makeup from someone who doesn’t even use the product.

What Makes You Different

Provide your audience with correct and accurate information! Keep your followers coming back to your page for a reason. You need to be different than any other account that they see in their feed. So what do you have to offer that no one else has?

Come Alive!

Bring your products to life. Let your followers see just what it takes to get their order from the warehouse to their front door. Your audience wants to see the behind the scenes. Having that raw honesty will help show them that you are human and you work hard to provide a good quality product.

Be Relatable

You have to be relatable and real to your customers and audience. They want to see that they aren’t that different from you. Like stated above, share your story and things that happen in your daily life. This will allow your audience to see what they have in common with you. After all, you are just a regular person, right? Show them that.


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