Sajid Khan’s conduct Was Horrible and Sexist, Says Actress Dia Mirza

As per latest reports, Bollywood beauty, Dia Mirza stated that she knows all about director Sajid Khan’s “absurd and sexist” actions however she had no clue he could reach this level. Sajid has been listed amongst the Bollywood biggies who got named by females as part of latest ‘MeToo’ movement. Whilst Sajid Khan’s sister Farah Khan and first cousin Farhan Akhtar refused being conscious of his conduct.

What Dia Mirza Said

Dia, who was seen in a small role in Sajid’s directorial Heyy Baby, has admitted that she was alert of his horrible behavior. While talking to media people, she stated: “I was deeply disturbed. She Said that she is agree Sajid was obnoxious, extremely sexist and ridiculous. She further said that Even for me, the details of these accounts are beyond shocking. I have never invested in a relationship with such people even in the office.”

She stated that these episodes showcased how deep patriarchate entered the social order and the Hindi film industry and added that by the coming time, a lot of other names will spill out. A lot of others are quiet, she stated, owing to the affiliation they had with such individuals. The actress added that how she had ignored such activities in the past.

“We often reject a certain type of conduct. But I wouldn’t have thought that Sajid could be capable of doing this to a female. I utterly comprehend the shock people are feeling at the moment, however, it would be biased to say that the names that are emerging is scandalous,” Dia Mirza added.

She disclosed that she has never had to confront such a condition and added that she has lost work once upon a time as she was not keen to adhere to numerous things. “Fortunately, I have never been a victim of sexual nuisance. However there have been examples where I have lost out on work or people have shown disinterest in working with me because I was unwilling to succumb to this unspoken understanding of patriarchy.”


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