You Don’t Need a Million to Become a Millionaire – Web Hosting is Enough

The internet opens a gate of opportunity to earn money without having to sweat. Everyone can engage in various activities across the web without having any technical skills whatsoever. This includes making money with an online business.

If you want to dabble with this particular form of business, this article provides great coverage in terms of the types of a website capable of earning lots of money and how to make your own.

Different Types of Websites

As you may know by now, there are countless ways to earn money from the internet. In general, there are three popular types of website that can be used for that purpose:

  • Personal website

A personal website usually appears in the form of a blog. The purpose of blogging is sharing your opinions and ideas to the world. Due to this reason, a blog has a more personal touch compared to the other types of websites.

Despite its personal purpose, you still can earn money through blogging. Aside from using it as your virtual shop, you can also join numerous affiliate programs and earn revenue from them.

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The latter is actually the most common way for bloggers to earn money by doing what they love.

Get inspired by these amazing blogs: Miss Thrifty, Osvaldas, and Jasmine Star.

  • Business website

This type of website acts as an online representation of a business. Its purpose is to inform potential customers about the business like their products or services, price list, and contact details.

Get inspired by these professional-looking business websites: Gitman Bros., The Cunningham Team, and Haus.

  • Ecommerce website

An ecommerce website is dedicated to selling goods online.

While this type of website earns the most money out of all three, it requires more technicalities in building the website. It gets a little bit tricky and technical when setting up your online store. You need to set up a shopping cart and a secured payment system to facilitate the entire transaction.

Get inspired by these catchy ecommerce websites: Hermanitos, Kant, and Owl.

Bonus: There is another way to make money with websites but it takes a different approach. Instead of creating and actively running a website, you become a hosting provider where people pay you to have their website hosted on your server. It is a great way to make passive income. To find out more, look into what is reseller hosting?

The Importance of Web Hosting

Whether you want to dabble with ecommerce, blogging, or launch a business website, you need to create a properly functioning site first.

Contrary to popular belief, building a website doesn’t require one to have a deep understanding of programming.

Many web development companies provide their expertise to make website builder tools more accessible to non-tech-savvy users.

However, before you can create your website, you need to find a web hosting service. This is an important step as it allows your site to be accessible by other users within the internet.

There are a lot of web hosting providers that can host your site for a certain price.

Hostinger provides this service in the form of hosting plans. The subscription is usually either paid per month or annual.

Web development platforms like Wix and Jimdo specialize in aesthetically pleasing website templates. If you prioritize appearance more than anything, you can subscribe to their service plan. The web hosting service is usually included in their features.

How to Make Money From Your Website

Here’s what you should do to make money from the internet:

  • Get a hosting plan

Look for a hosting company which sells plans that suit your needs. Things that you need to consider when choosing a hosting plan is the price, site builder tool, and customer support.

Don’t buy an expensive hosting plan if the cheaper one can give you the same amount of benefits.

Check their security system and downtime to ensure that they won’t affect your website’s performance. Having 24/7 support ready to tackle your technical problems should also be put into your consideration during this selection process.

Choosing the right site builder tool that works for you is also important.

Most web hosting providers equip their user with WordPress as their default Content Management System which is quite easy to use even for newbies.

Find out more about WordPress in this article.

However, if you’re looking for a more interactive tool that has a drag-and-drop feature, a web design software service might be more suitable for you.

  • Build a website

This is the step where you build the website you want. If you decided to use WordPress, choose from e a wide selection of themes.

Web development platforms usually have onboarding tutorials that will guide you step-by-step during the process of website building.

The most important thing is to create your website based on its purpose. If you want to build a personal blog, it should emit your personal touch.

Meanwhile, a business website and ecommerce should represent your brand.

  • Market it

Like in any other business, you need to market your website. Sharing your website via social media is the most common way to do this, and it’s effective in most cases.

If you want to take it to the next level, try to dabble with Search Engine Optimization to gain more traffic through organic search.

You can also try email marketing to reach more people without having to spend too much money to do so.

  • Monetize it

While ecommerce websites get the biggest earning of all three due to their direct goal of selling goods, all types of websites have an equal opportunity to monetize their site by joining an affiliate program, placing ads, writing sponsored posts and so on.


Many people have reached success by creating a website. Whether it’s a personal or business-based site, there are a lot of ways to monetize it and make money.

To do so, you only need to:

  • Get a hosting plan
  • Build a website
  • Market it
  • Make money

Anyone can do that, and there’s no stopping you for becoming the next success story.


Mary J Derosa

Mary J Derosa is a passionate blogger and the chief editor at her own content marketing company Since college, she's been interested in break-through technology and technical writing about innovative products and services that change our everyday lives for the better. She's also interested in web design and photography.
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