Yusef Reown’s Words & Entertaining Nature Made Him Internet’s Favourite

Yusef Reown is a young entertainer on the rise in Los Angeles, California. From a young age, he always knew he was meant to perform and entertain others around him. During his early teen years, he was flown out to South Africa to perform at TD Jakes, Mega Fest with an audience of over 100,000 people. Yusef always had a niche for writing stories and poems. He published his first poem in a book at the age of 11.

His early start to fame started through social media sites such as Vine and Twitter. On Vine, he had around 600,000 followers and saw millions of views after constantly trending on Vine and Twitter. From that social media startup, he began to build other usernames on these platforms to expand my presence. Along with this, Yusef Co-Founded @SpiritualWord on Instagram which has over 950,000 followers. Although he has a passion for trends and social media, he has expanded his talents to great lengths.

By the age of 22, Yusef Reown became an internationally published poet by publishing with Half Baked Beans in India. Furthermore, he plan on having more poem and book publications in India when he returns to the country this year.

Along with his wonderful writings, Yusef I also likes to share his talents through my music. He has multiple tracks on iTunes, Spotify, etc. with award-winning musicians and producers such as Akil Omari and Wave Chappelle. He wants to continue to create more music in the future as well as his poetry.

Now living in Los Angeles, CA he is focusing on his entertainment career through modeling, acting, singing, and comedy. He has put on multiple sold out shows here in LA as well as Phoenix, Arizona.

Yusef has also worked with HBO, Warner Bros, and Disney studios.

About his work, Yusef said, “As a resident of California I work as one of the lead producers/engineers for the Comedy Pop Up Network. I also am the host of my personal podcast through the Comedy Pop Up Network called “The Guys of Van Nuys” where myself and co-hosts Angus Stoudt and Calven Pesola share stories of our past life and the road to successful living in Los Angeles, CA.”

He added, “In most recent events I was booked to model for the beverage company Sprite at the 2019 BET Experience in LA. Was on an American game show called “America Says”, and Amazon.”


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