AssureShift: Helping Customers Move with Confidence in and out of Chandigarh

AssureShift is an online platform that assists customers seeking reputable moving companies in and around Chandigarh in locating appropriate moving services that fit their needs and budget and relocating with confidence and ease. is a well-developed, user-friendly interface designed to assist its consumers in finding dependable movers by quickly scanning the profiles of verified movers along with other information such as ratings, recent reviews, prices, services, and so on.

How AssureShift Helps With Moving Customers

AssureShift, having over 8 years of experience in the relocation industry, has moved 50,000 families and individuals across the country. 

They offer exceptional all-in-one moving solutions that include office relocation, plant and pet relocation, automotive or two-wheeler transfer, and other services like storage and truck rentals. Here are a few reasons why AssureShift makes it easy for you.

Verified Movers

All moving companies listed on the AssureShift platform are thoroughly verified after performing an in-depth background verification of all necessary documents such as company GST registration, owner ID proof, and office details, as well as checking their performance history, customer satisfaction, and so on.

Once this process is complete, the mover is listed on their platform and issued an AS-verified badge to indicate their credibility. This enables customers to choose a reliable mover from the list, obtain the information, and employ a moving partner easily and without worry.

Quality Moving Services

AssureShift provides its customers with a wide range of quality moving services, which include relocation to anywhere in and out of Chandigarh. Other services include bike and auto transportation, office relocation, pet and plant relocation, and truck rental, among many others.

Their moving experts also assist to pick the right moving truck size based on the size and type of your move.

24/7 Customer Support

AssureShift offers instant customer assistance with a specialised team of experts that respond promptly and handle any issues that their clients have, contact the movers on their behalf, and assist them if any problems occur before, during, or after the move.

They also take strict and appropriate action against moving businesses, such as cancelling or suspending mover accounts depending on the severity of the complaint.

Transparency & Accountability

AssureShift takes a customer feedback-driven approach to ensuring quality maintenance and grading movers. They rate the movers based on client ratings and reviews, and those movers who provide outstanding service throughout will be ranked higher on the list.

However, if any complaint is received against a mover, AssureShift takes the appropriate action to ensure service quality is maintained, such as penalising unprofessional movers by temporarily suspending or permanently deleting their business profiles from the website.

Added Features

AssureShift also offers additional services such as door-to-door pickup and delivery, insurance coverage, online tracking, and storage, among others.

  • Doorstep Pickup & Delivery

AssureShift’s packers and movers ensure doorstep pickup and delivery of your belongings. They ensure that your items are safely packaged, loaded, and delivered to new locations on time.

  • Insurance

The movers and packers in the AssureShift portal offer insurance coverage for your belongings. You can be certain that all of your valuable possessions are in safe hands. If any damage occurs during the transit, which is an exceedingly unusual occurrence, the moving company will cover any claims within a few days.

  • Consignment Tracking

Another important aspect of AssureShift is its online monitoring system, which allows customers to remain up-to-date on the status of their move from anywhere at any time, which is especially useful for long-distance transfers and helps reduce stress. 

The consignment tracking feature also allows customers to communicate with the movers in case of any issues or concerns and ensures that their belongings are accounted for and handled safely and securely.

  • Storage Facility

Moving companies in AssureShift provide short-term or long-term warehousing and storage facilities if you need to keep your goods but haven’t found a place to relocate them. 


Having all these features, AssureShift makes it simple for consumers to migrate in and out of Chandigarh. It now just takes a few minutes to find a suitable moving partner who gives value for money while also meeting your requirements. 

The listed packers and movers are well-trained and skilled in handling all types of relocations, such as home items, automotive transfer, bike shifting, office relocation, and so on, and they also ensure that all moving companies keep their promises of providing high-quality services, professional behaviour, and guaranteed end-to-end customer support throughout the transfer.


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