Himachal Pradesh’s Dharamshala Become’s India’s First City To Get Sensor Bins

The Himachal Pradesh has added yet another “feather in its cap” by bringing technological advancements in its waste management┬ásystem through installing Nation’s first ever sensor based underground waste bin network in the city of Dharamshala. The technologically advanced project was inaugurated by the Urban Development Minister of HP Sudhir Sharma. The sensor bins project is a step towards the Smart City Mission of Dharamshala that will help the city to manage waste in a more advanced manner and in a smart way.

About The Sensor Bins

The Development Minister of HP wants to make the city of Dharamshala “a waste free city” of Himachal Pradesh and India by using the state of the art waste management sensor bins that collect the waste in the underground level. With the bringing up of the underground waste system┬áthe town of Dharamshala has made a giant leap in the areas of technology and administration.

The government of Himachal Pradesh have installed 70 hi tech underground waste bins in Dharamshala that are functioning in their full form. The bins are properly stickered with the names of the categories as biodegradable, inert material and non- biodegradable. The bins will ensure that

  • The waste is segregated instantly at the origin.
  • Making Waste to Value a literal thing.
  • Zero Land Fill, that means no more polluting of land with garbage.
  • With community ownership people will understand the importance of waste segregation.
  • Both the environment and the health of the citizens will be protected.

With The Automatic Waste Mangement

The automatic sensor bins of Dharamshala are best in its class and are for the ease of its citizens to dispose of waste in a convenient way. The bins have a low-level design for throw-ins to ensure easy disposal to physically challenged people and children and have huge capacity that will reduce the operation cost as the garbage collectors will not have to come frequently to gather the garbage.

With the automatic underground garbage collection people won’t be exposed to garbage and its foul smell and it will also help the garbage collectors in managing the garbage easily and will ease of their problem of segregating it after collection in a big way. So, hats off to the Government of Himachal Pradesh that is doing a fantastic job in uplifting its small towns to an unbeatable level and is welcoming technological advancements with such enthusiasm.

Source: TOI


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