Landslide Due to Cloudburst in Manali, Himachal Burries Vehicles | 48 Dead

Recently, on the 250-meter stretch of the national Mandi -Pathankot highway, there was a cobblestone situation lead by a massive landslide early this Sunday Morning. The landslide was so massive that it buried 50 people alive at Kotrupi village in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi District.

Landslide on Mandi-Pathankot National Highway

As per the sources, it came to light that 46 bodies have been recovered so far and the rescue is still going on. Along with this news, there were 5 injured people, who are now getting treated in the zonal hospital of Mandi Town. Along with the private vehicles and many houses, this landslide swept away two of the Himachal Roadways Transport Corporation buses accommodating a total of 55 passengers.

This terrifying incident took lives of 42 people out of 47 travelling in Manali-bound bus at 2 km distance that was found under 50 feet of debris. The story of tragedy doesn’t end here, another AC bus that was travelling to Katra from Manali with 8 passengers was also hit by this massive landslide, killing 3 out of those passengers.

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According to the reports, the landslide took place around 12:24 AM on the highway near Kotrupi, where the two buses had stopped for refreshments and it also came into knowledge that the Katra bound bus was initially rolled down 200 meters into gorge by a big boulder before the actual landslide hit it. It was noted that the landslide was a result of cloudburst as the area was evidencing regular rainfall for some days now.

Mandi-Jogindernagar Road Closed – After this incident, the officials have closed Mandi-Jogindernagar road and have redirected all the travellers to the alternate route. So, be careful if travelling to that side, although if not urgent it is advised to lay off for some duration.

Instant Action of Rescue Teams РAll the rescue teams from Mandi and Jogindernagar are known to reach the spot immediately after the incident and there were many survivors that were pulled out of this cobblestone and along with the rescue teams, Army, Police and Home Guards have also been deployed there.

Evidently, according to some surviving local folks, before the landslide, there were a few boulders that rolled down. Some of the localities sensed trouble and ran towards the forest area and saved themselves. Where many people lost their homes and loved ones in this mudslide, there, the authorities are in a continuous rush of helping them. Also, the orders from officials to intensify the rescue and relief efforts came into aid for many survivors. Financial assistance of Rs 4-Lakhs has been announced to the next of the kin of the deceased and Rs. 1 Lakh was announced by the transport minister to all.

All the deceased, who became a victim of this disastrous mudslide, we pray that they rest in peace.

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