Saudi Businessman Comes Back To Serve His State Ahead of Himachal Pradesh Elections

Himachal Pradesh Elections are approaching soon and the state is in chaos.  Himachal Pradesh has been hosting rallies for both the major political parties BJP and the Indian National Congress. The BJP campaign in Himachal Pradesh elections was kicked off at the foundation of AIIMS hospital in Bilaspur. The foundation stone was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. Similarly, kick starting the Indian National Congress’ campaign was Rahul Gandhi in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh where he announced that the current Chief Minister Veerbhadra Singh will be the face of INC in the upcoming elections as well and hoped he could win it for the seventh time in Himachal Pradesh.

New faces in Himachal Pradesh Elections:

The state of Himachal Pradesh is seeing a lot of new faces this upcoming election. One such entry is Ravinder Rana who is the president of Gorkha Association of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Ravinder Rana has declared to contest from the Dharamshala constituency. He says that he will not mind contesting the Himachal Pradesh elections as an independent candidate if not offered a seat from either of two major political parties in Himachal Pradesh namely the Indian National Congress or the Bhartiya Janata Party.

Himachal Pradesh Elections to be contested by Saudi Arabian Businessman:

The biggest surprise in Himachal Pradesh elections came in the form of Prem Prakash Rana. Prem Prakash Rana is a wealthy successful businessman in Saudi Arabia. He was born in Golwan village of Jogindernagar, HP. He had declared to contest in the Himachal Pradesh elections back in August 2017. He spoke to media at an even where he said that the Jogindernagar constituency has not seen much development as compared to the other parts of the Himachal Pradesh. Jogindernagar has always been lied to by the government and the basic amenities fail to reach the area. The women of Jogindernagar are still fighting for education and the Himachal Pradesh government has failed to deliver to their demands.

The Himachal Pradesh elections are approaching and it will be interesting to see the developments. Prem Prakash Rana left India for Saudi Arabia in 1985 and in the thirty-two years has been able to have successful businesses like Transport, Construction and other various sectors. He claims that he has 700 Indians working in his various businesses out of which 80 are from Himachal Pradesh.

He has been spending 7-10 percent of his income on the development of Jogindernagar area. The enthusiastic Prem Prakash Rana also mentioned that if won the Himachal Pradesh Elections he will work for the betterment of this area and will not take any salary to his name. Like Ravinder Rana, he intends to contest as an independent candidate in Himachal Pradesh elections if not provided with a seat by the national parties like INC and BJP.

Source: JogindernagarNews


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