2 Year-old Girl Drowns in a Pit While Playing in Sector 49 Park, Chandigarh

A two year old girl fell into a 3 feet deep pond in a park at Sector 49, Chandigarh on Sunday afternoon. The girl named Nandini, was a resident of EWS Colony, Sector 49. The little one went to the park with her mother to play at around 11 AM in the morning. After sometime the baby girl went missing from the park and people along with the family members searched the whole park and nearby areas, but find no clues of the baby were found. Then, the police was informed, and during the search operation of the police, the girl was found unconscious in the pond of the park. After which she was rushed to GMCH- 32, where the doctors declared her brought died.

About the whole incident?

2 year old Nandini, who was staying with her parents in EWS Colony at Sector 49 Chandigarh went to the nearby park along with her mother at 11’o clock on Sunday morning. Nandini was playing in the park and the mother got busy with her relatives in the park. In the meanwhile the baby slipped into the pit that was filled with rainwater.

After her talks, when she failed to find the girl then she raised an alarm and told this to her husband. After which the father along with some relatives and friends searched all the nearby places for the girl but no clues were there of the child. Around 2:30 PM the police was informed about the incident, following which the police searched the nearby places and also the forest area near the park. But even the police was unable to find any clue of the child. When the police started searching the park where she went with her mother, then they found her in an unconscious condition in the pond of the park. Immediately she was taken to GMCH 32, but unfortunately the doctors declared her brought died.

Action by the police

At the prima facie, police has found no mark of foul play in the incident and has been declaring it as an accident. But on the another side according to the police, the pond of the park has been properly fenced by railing so it might be impossible for the child to get through it. Police investigation is still on in the case and the police has been searching each and every aspects of the case thoroughly to reach any decision.

Although the case will be solved by the police, but we request you to be very careful with your lil one to avoid any kind of mishappenings with them.

Image Credits: Hindustan Times


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