25% Women in Chandigarh Face Eve Teasing Problem – Survey

As a modern and educated society, we always talk about women empowerment and equality. On one hand, on 8th March we celebrate International Women’s Day but on the other hand, PGIMER survey report on eve teasing and harassment have revealed some shocking results. The situation of women in the city is getting worst day by day. PGIMER (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research) has conducted a research in Chandiagrh & 9 villages of Fatehgarh Sahib. And as result, they have found that 48.3% of girls have faced eve-teasing in one year.

The shocking results of the survey:

The survey was conducted by PGIMER School of Public Health on the basis of questions on harassment, its timing, nature and extent. Women of age group 14-26 were asked about eve teasing and the results are really shocking for all of us-

  • A total of 48.3% women were the victim of eve-teasing in last one year in Fatehgarh Sahib.
  • 37 women faced it in the past, whereas 30 are facing it in recent times.
  • In this situation, 61% women get angry whereas 47% feel ashamed and rest get worried.
  • 50% of the men were in these cases were known to the victim.
  • Mostly the men were older to the girls or belong to the general or upper-class category.

These increasing numbers of eve teasing is a thing to be worried upon and as a society, we should start it from our side. And one should never be silent if someone is committing these kinds of the act in front of you.

The situation in Chandigarh:

It’s not just Fatehgarh, but the beautiful city Chandigarh has also faced these issues in recent months. Earlier a survey conducted by National Family Health Survey-4 revealed that less than 25% of separated or married women of Chandigarh have experienced the spousal violence. Recently many cases of rape and eve-teasing have come from Tricity. At one incident, an auto driver raped a 21-year-old girl in Chandigarh on December. Another incident held in Panchkula, where a girl was kidnapped at gunpoint and was raped. These are just few incidents, and it seems that it’s a never ending one if we don’t shout out loud.

Eve teasing and Sexual harassment

Eve teasing is a tendency, where a woman is bullied or harassed by a man by means of words or some act. It not only affects a woman for a shorter period of time but it disturbs her mentally for a long time. In these situations they expect their family to be by their side but the family also restrict them.

  • Parents restrict women to go outside after dark or stay away from guys.
  • Or if any women try to raise her voice regarding the crime, family don’t support her.

For men, it may be just fun but for a woman, it becomes a mental harassment.

Source: Hindustan Times


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