30 ITBP dogs from Chandigarh to provide security to Obama in New Delhi

30 trained dogs of the Indo Tibetean Border Police Force (ITBP), Chandigarh have gone to New Delhi to contribute in the security cover being provided to the US President Barrack Obama, who is coming to India for the Republic Day parade.

What will the dogs do?

This highly trained dog squad will sanitize all areas where Obama is scheduled to visit including the Raj Path. The Rashtrapati Bhavan, 5 star hotels and all other venues where Obama will be going will be under the protection of these sniffer dogs. These dogs will make sure that no explosive or other such object is placed anywhere on the parade route or other locations.

This special dog squad from Chandigarh comprises of Labradors and German Shepherds. These 30 dogs will work in collaboration with other sniffer dogs of private agencies to give a fool proof security to Obama while he is in India.

ITBP dog training centre Chandigarh

ITBP has the highest number of sniffer dogs which are used in sensitive operations. It is believed that even the army dogs are not as efficient as these ITBP sniffer dogs. The squad of 30 dogs which is on duty at New Delhi has been raised and trained at ITBP centre near Chandigarh.

ITBP’s dog training centre in Chandigarh raises highly sophisticated dogs on the same lines as raised by United States Navy Seals. The Chandigarh centre has already been nominated as the centre of excellence for this commendable job.

Source: The Tribune


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