40% of Women in Chandigarh are Obese | NFHS Survey Confirms This!

Taking care of her own health is the last thing a woman has on her mind. Zero activity, busy schedules and daily chores ties women to her responsibilities. With no extra time in hand, women in Chandigarh often end their day by meeting friends at café/restaurants and indulging in delicious yet junk food. And with all honesty, women face a greater battle as they are under constant pressure to look nice and hot.

With constant eyes rolling over the body, women tend to skip meals and much on to unhealthy snacks. Also, because of meal skipping, they hog when they eat, this being a major reason for weight gain.

Why Women of Chandigarh are the Fatty Ones?

Changing lifestyle and sedentary lifestyle has shown its affect on National Family Health Survey-4 (NFHS-4). Study covered 751 households inclusive of 746 women and 120 men. If the data is to be believed, women of City Beautiful are the fattest in the country.  Puducherry bagged the 2nd position with 37% and Andhra Pradesh at 3rd position with 33%. The survey which studied women of Chandigarh noticed that 42% of the women fell in the age group of 15-49. Another shocker is, Chandigarh women bags the second spot on the anemic list with over 76% women affected with it.

Chandigarh has twice the number of obese women than Haryana, Punjab

The number of obese women in city is double than the obese women in Haryana. It is 10 per cent more, when compared to Punjab.

In Haryana, 21% of 21,652 women were fond obese. In Punjab, 31% of 19, 484 women fell under the category of fatty.

Why Women Gain Weight Fast?

Poor nutrition because of a major shift from traditional food habits to junk food and lack of physical activity is the major reason for high Body Mass Index. With plethora of eating options, Chandigarians love to eat out and gorge on cheesy junk food. The consumed calories convert in hard fat as women prefer to stay indoors and don’t work out even for 30 minutes in a day. Not only is it affecting their physical wee being, obesity results to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Also, Chandigarh beats the entire nation with highest breast cancer patients.

 Weight Gain Ke Side Effects

The never ending love story between women and food is difficult to break. However, over eating has some serious affects on the physical as well as mental image a woman hold in her mind.  If you’re carrying extra weight on that booty, you face higher risk of different health problems. Here are some pointers that are visible when a woman gains weight:

  • Unproportionate body
  • Low bone density
  • High blood pressure
  • Low self esteem
  • Hypertension
  • Heart Strokes
  • Depression
  • Mood disorder

To all women who think that they are obese, we suggest them to take a healthy lifestyle as the New Year resolution.

Source: Hindustan Times

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