5 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Your Coworking Space

Earlier, if you were a freelancer or had your own company or business, the only options of setting-up an office was renting an office space. Owning an office space was a risky thing as if you are a startup or a freelancer there is a question that remains in the mind “What will happen if the business doesn’t succeed?” But now the things are changed and instead of buying office space, startups and entrepreneurs are moving toward the coworking spaces.

It is ideal to get a coworking space for your business, without having to pay a huge rent. These days when you search on Google “Coworking Space Near Me”, you will get many results. This means that the Coworking Space business is growing rapidly.  A co-working space costs less as compared to the office. And if you need a single desk, then there is no other best option except the co-working space. Here are the few things you need to know before Choosing a Co-Working Space for you (your startup or business).

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing a Coworking Space

A trial is Must: Most of the coworking spaces these days offer potential clients the experience of their coworking space for a day or two or maybe a week. Therefore, you must ask for a trial as this will let you know if the area fits your working style or not. In the trial period, you will also come to know the facilities it provided by the shared space and the availability of quiet spaces or meeting rooms. So just don’t pay the rent at once, ask for a trial and if it suits you then go for it.

Example – The Office coworking space Santa Monica offers a 2-week trial.

Pricing: Almost all of the coworking spaces offer daily, weekly and monthly plans. So first identify the plan that doesn’t make a hole in your pocket and satisfies your budget. One more thing to notice and finding out is that if space charges extra for any facilities or not, such as a dedicated desk, stationery, Wifi etc. The most important thing is to know about the cancellation policy of the membership.

Timings & Amenities Matters: Most of the coworking spaces give essential office conveniences such as high-speed WiFi, Chairs, Tables, Fans, AC’s, meeting rooms, coffee machines and even facility of standing desks due to their many benefits. Some of the coworking spaces also have fixed working hours (only day time or only night time). Therefore it is important to check if your timings match with the timings of the space.

Working Environment, the Top Priority: Physical workspace can make a significant variation in your productivity. Some people rise off with the buzzing energy of a busy office and some people are productive when they work alone in a quiet area. So before choosing a workplace remember about the features of the current space and the previous space. This will help you to choose the best coworking space for you.

Know Other Occupants: If you are going with a dedicated seat then you will have to share the space with other people, So before locking the deal, it is best to know the other occupants of the space. This will help you know the noise levels that you can assume, the business expansion opportunities in the same shared space. In the shared space, you get a chance to interact with the other professionals such as digital marketing agencies, content writers, designers, coders, developers, bloggers, etc and this will help you to collaborate with them.

Shared Spaces or Coworking spaces have flexible usage plans. Some spaces might need a notice period before canceling the membership. So make sure that you read and know all the membership cancellation policy of the shared space.



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