Industrious to Open A New Coworking space in NoDa

The New-York based national coworking brand Industrious will be opening its second queen city office in NoDa (North Davidson). Further, with this location on lease Industrious will be the first major coworking tenant in NoDa. This new space will cover an area of 20,000 SF at 436 E. 36th St. It was a warehouse previously which its owner Asana partners are renovating for new usage. Further, the deal was a non-traditional lease structure in partnership with Asana. Further, They have also leased the retail space near Novel NoDa steps which will be at close proximity to Industrious’ new location.

This space will be facing competitions from major coworking companies like WeWork who have plans for opening coworking space in Charlotte. Some of the other potential competitors are Serendipity Labs and Spaces. The Industrious plans on getting the office ready for its members by the first quarter of 2020.

More Insights into Industrious’s Future Plans:

The Industrious opened its first office space in 2017 and has spaces in 70 locations across 40 cities. It is also a tenant to major companies like Pfizer, Hyatt, Airbus, Pandora, Lyft and Pinterest. The Industrious’ NoDa location is its most attractive factor as its very close to restaurants and is also easy to access. It is a short walk away from the 36th Street Station and the Lynx blue line extension is easily accessible from this location. The competitive Scenario due to its location will be very unique. As there will be potential competition from not only giants but also from local groups like Hygge Coworking and CoCoTiv.

Industrious has many coworking locations spread across California. Check out Industrious Irvin for an example.

The Industrious considers itself a Premium workspace provider with flexible plans and abundant amenities. The NoDa location of Industrious could be a perfect location for shaping brainstorming ideas into leading enterprises. Most of the leasing details and plans have not been disclosed by the company and have been kept as a secret. Further, coworkers can expect to get a seat here by the end of the first quarter in 2020.


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